Law of the Universe, I love you.

Not like I think I am any kind of sage or anything, but this I am sure of. Dare I even say, I know: There is an empowering law of the universe which can change our very desires.   It goes, in essence, like this:

  • First, you must desire for your desires to be changed. For example “I want to love running”  or “I want to enjoy social occasions and  meeting people” or- in our case- “I want to love good, healthy, nurturing food!”
  • Secondly, you act as though you already feel what you want to feel!
  • Thirdly, and miraculously, over time, your desires really and truly change, and you are no longer acting something out, you find that it has become a part of you and flows out of you genuinely, freely, joyfully, without compulsory means;  in some measure or another, your inner self and desires will have been transformed.

So, I hear people say “I wish I liked healthy food, but I just don’t“.The question is, do you simply wish you liked them, or do you really want  to like them? Actually desire to like them? Because it is not quite the same, and a desire, albeit small, is a powerful thing.

In order to achieve  anything we want enough, we will act. So…let’s suppose you do genuinely WANT (not just a passing wish), you genuinely desire to nurture your body better; you desire to enjoy healthy real food, eat more raw food, more plant foods, you genuinely desire to overcome your habit for junk food . In your head you think: if I could get to a place where I really enjoyed those things, as much as I enjoy eating the way I do now, if I could get there, I would love that; I want to be in that place! 

So now, you act on your desire, and the way you do so, is, as I said previously, …by acting as if you already love them! At this point you may be thinking, “I am trying to tell you, I DON’T LIKE THEM!”Why would I eat them if I do not like them? Sheesh!”

But since you have a desire to be in a certain place, you must move forward towards that place, right? To use another example, if you want to overcome shyness you will not do so without stepping out of your comfort zone. If you hate running but you want to love it, it won’t happen miraculously in your sleep overnight.You need to get out and pound pavements. And not just once.

Do people just wake up, having lost their cravings for sugar, coffee, or microwave ready meals, or fried steaks, or chocolate, or Macdonalds, or Pepsi or Red Bull, or pizza?  No! But many people have discovered what it is like to lose their desire for these kinds of foods, and they have done so, one step at a time. Even if it does not feel natural at first, you begin to take steps. Little steps, but bold, daring steps (remember, act as if  you already love them!) If you want results you have never seen before, you must do things you have never before done.

The next part of this law, is the most miraculous part; it happens over time, according to your level of desire (because you will act in accordance with your level of desire- if you desire it deeply and strongly, you will of course, take greater, bolder steps than if you only desire it …somewhat)….so, according to your level of desire, manifest in actions, you will recieve your desire! Your palate will change, your tastes will change, and you will begin to love those foods and drinks that you previously loved less……and as a necessary consequence, the things you previously craved will lose their appeal in a strange yet real way.

You will remember how much you enjoyed the taste of those former foods on one level, but you will have found a new way of loving youself which is feels so amazingly joyous… a strange choice of word, “joyous” to talk about about food choice? I make no apologies, because it’s so utterly true, and I love it.

For example,I have a good friend who never, ever drank water . She generally “hydrated” herself with fizzy drinks. In order to improve a particular ailment, she was advised to drink plenty of water. She lamented to me that she simply did not like it, and I suggested that she treat it like a quarter of a litre of medicine six to eight times daily, and just went for it. Effectively it proved to be exactly that- medicine- since her ailment completely disappeared, much to the surprise of her doctor. But here is the best part; she now actually loves water. She genuinely loves drinking it.

 This is not just a random coincidence, and I truly believe in the power of this law because I have experienced it. One example in my case is raw, unsalted nuts and seeds. I used to find them all so unappealing and revolting. Cashews- only coated in mountains of honey roasted sugarey crust please, Almonds, yuck, (unless made into marzipan, or again, coated in sugar) Pumpkin seeds?Don’t even bring them near me! My husband has always loved them and I would say in disbelief “How can you eat that stuff??!!”

 However, I am not sure at what point it ocurred, but after some time of changing the way I ate, I realised I really genuinely liked those things I previously couldn’t stand. All of the above. Really really.I still eat them regulalrly. They feature very regularly in my eating regime.

My prime object of loathing, by the way, was the Brazil Nut, for both taste and texture. I now absolutely LOVE brazil nuts. I regularly insert one into a medjool date for a momentary trip to Snickers Heaven. To this I also add, among other things, sprouts, bitter salad leaves, raw garlic, and raisins. (This is not to say that there are not some flavours that we will still dislike.In my case, rocket/arugula! )

This actually excites me. I am wondering if it makes me a geek? I can live with that.

Furthermore, because it is a law of the universe, it is infinite and all-encompassing; I am discussing it with reference to health and what we desire in terms of food, but it can be applied to many areas of our lives.

It’s amazing.  Law of the Universe, thank you, I love you!Pass the Brazil Nuts.


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  1. A perfect reminder, thank you Beth x


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