Inside-out B.L.T

OK, so there’s no bacon in it, obviously. But there is my unctious smoky walnut pate that I have created and feel very proud of. That’s my bacon and it’s just the way I like it.And, yes, my sandwich is inside out.

So. One day, some time ago, I was recipe googling, and I came across something called a “raw wrap”. What on earth is a raw wrap? I wondered….all for some extra raw wholefood plant ingredients in my day, I clicked on the link. I was deeply disappointed. It was like a burrito affair (no beef of course) wrapped in a leaf. A lettuce leaf. It may have even been a collard green leaf which are considerably tougher and…greener in appearance. “Are these people on drugs??” I thought. “Who would trade in a lovely floury wrap, even a wholemeal one, for a leaf?!

 And here I am now. Rolling lettuce leaf wraps. Willingly. Joyfully. And totally enjoying the taste, and texture. I could not help but end it up here.It was unavoidable really. You see, it’s the law.

The key to loving a “raw wrap”, or green wrap, is a beautiful pate/spread base. God is kind, and has given us the avocado, so you need go no further than that. Just mash it and eat it in it’s bare naked glory, or add whatever you fancy (salt, lemon or lime juice, cilantro, red onion, chilli peppers) Then top with grated carrot, chopped tomato, diced celery, corn, chopped olives,the list goes on.

However, if you want to get a little more elaborate…though it’s not really that elaborate (just throw into a mini chopper and whizz) you can make a yummy healthy nut or seed based spread. In this case, my smoky walnut pate.  There are lots of other wonderful options; home made hummous, sunflower seed pates, cashew cheeses, olive pates. I will add recipes for spreads and dips as I go along. I still think the avocado is king, for majestic simplicity and versatility. And deliciosity just plain yumminess.   Not to mention, hello? HOW good for you?

So. Here is how to roll your own. It’s as easy as….rolling up a leaf. Place your lettuce leaf, for example a romaine leaf, or a round, frilly type “continental lettuce” (sorry to all you gardeners out there. I don’t know many lettuce names)

Spread generously with your smoky pate, or spread of choice. Be generous.(Looking at my photo, I was quite stingy…) Top with your choice of fillings, in this case: walnut pate, chopped tomato, avocado, and- don’t forget your wheat sprouts! That’s the very best way to eat wheat, alive and bursting with enzymes and nutrients. Sprinkle your “bread” on the inside of your wrap, and a pinch of sea salt if you like.

Note to self, spread to the edges.

 .Now roll, roll, roll, and enjoy.

rollaliciously raw deliciousness, full of life!

Bet you never knew that there are some roll-ups that actually nurture your beautiful organism! Wishing you all a great day!


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