Make your own Cashew Butter! And SO easy. You need a food processor for this. I use my trusty Kenwood mini chopper. Goodness; where would I be without it? My husband bought me a Russell Hobbs Mini Food Processor a while back. I missed my mini chopper dreadfully. I was secretly so happy when Russell broke within a month.

Take 100grams of cashews; about one measuring cupfull. the unroasted kind, of course. The lovely little white moon-shaped wonders, just as they are. Insert into mini chopper or food processor.DO NOT SOAK THEM. (If you are using a larger food processor, you may need to make 2 cups. Don’t worry. It will all be eaten!)

Just turn on the machine and leave. It should take around 7-8 minutes, ’tis all. Much as I love my Kenwood, the one disadvantage is that you have to keep the button pressed down manually, so I had to stand there for 7 minutes, but that’s alright. It will turn from powder, to wetter looking “meal”. You may need to stop periodically and give it a mix around. Just keep on processing and eventually, the nuts will release their natural oils and it will become this heavenly  creamy white spread.

Do you know how much it costs to buy this??

Despite the instructions above, there is only HALF A CUP of cashews in this photo. You can do this with any nut and seed, by the way. Some take longer than others. Macadamia Nut butter is quite quick to make, it being a fatty, soft nut. Almond takes longer; 10-12 minutes.

 There is a very useful photo step-by-step guide for making almond butter here. If you wish to add a pinch of salt, or some honey, do so at the end. What can you do with this? Well let’s see….

  • Eat it as is, on ryvita or your choice of wholesome bread/cracker.
  • Add the juice of half a lemon, a little water. some garlic and onion powder, fresh or dried herbs, and use as a scrumptious creamy nut-cheese or dip.
  • Make amazing healthy, nurturing chocolate ice cream, thank you Karen Knowler!
  • Or make some yummy caramel sauce to dip apples or banana into, by whizzing up nut butter, soft dates (and a touch of maple syrup if you have a very sweet touch) to top the amazing raw wholefood ice cream recipes that I will post up shortly.  

I just love what fantastic things you can do with raw plants!! To your health!!!


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  1. Do you have to soak the cashew nuts first?


    • NO, in fact, you MUST NOT or the oils will not be released ( thank you, I will make this clearer in the post) All it takes is patience to scrape down the sides of your processor occasionally, and ensure that you use a larger quantity of nuts for a larger machine. I will say that roasted nuts and seeds release their oils more quickly, but I prefer using I unroasted cashews: the butter is creamier, and being closer to their original state I personally think they have more goodness in them. I hope you have success! Many thanks for your comment 🙂


      • Of course you may know this, but as an aside, when you soak unroasted cashews in water overnight, and then blend them with a water:nuts ratio of approximately 1:1, you get a neutral, creamy, slightly sweet CREAM that thickens further in the fridge. By adding savoury condiments (onion powder, herbs, salt etc) you make a delicious dressing, and by adding dates or honey or maple syrup, and even vanilla, you have an amazing dairy free cream for your fruit salad!


  2. Posted by Melisa on February 16, 2012 at 7:58 pm

    This is delicious on Vegan Banana bread, I have also made it with Brazils. The Brazils take longer to ‘butter up’ but it’s well worth it as they have so many health benefits. being the piglet I am (I have even licked this from a spoon) it’s my fave


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