Ice Cream for Breakfast

Once I read this blog post called “This post will change your life” . I suspect the author, a very creative, raw-plant loving vegan, erred on the side of dramatic to ensure herself some extra clicks….because it didn’t change my life as such….but OH, what a discovery! And let’s face it, daily lives are composed of minutia, among other more lofty components, and sometimes, all it takes is a wee little something like this to delight your day. I love it. The earth brings forth everything we need for the body to be healthy, and to feed the inner self.

And ice-cream feeds my soul.

But it has to be the right type.

Because my soul, I believe, is made up of my inner self AND my body; and to truly nurture the inner self on every level, you must do the same with it’s other half; the body. Sorry if that is too metaphysical for you. But I believe it 🙂

For that reason, I have all sorts of recipes for ice creams made with vitamin, mineral, and healthy-fat laden nuts, all of which are heavenly…..but this is just the winner, because it’s a one-ongredient ice cream! One. Plus, whatever else you care to add. It’s fat-free (for those who are bothered), it is picked off a plant, it is sweet, creamy and akin to an Italian style soft serve, and you could whip it up before your spot on the sofa gets cold.Or before your sun-lounger cools down. My friends, I give you: The Banana Soft serve Ice Cream!

I love you.

You see, ripe bananas have a wonderful natural sweetness, but I really do not love the texture by the time they reach that stage. So I tend to use them in smoothies. Mashed on home-made wholewheat toast with a sprinkling of seeds is also nice….but this is just….special. Look at that creaminess! When your bananas are nice and sweet, you know- the skin is nice and speckled-  slice up plenty, and freeze. (If you just freeze them in a bag, of course, they will freeze into one hard brick-like lump. Freeze them spread out on a plate/tray, on parchment paper for example)

When you fancy a cheeky fat-free ice cream moment, just take out, say 20-30 slices. Put into your food processor and blitz. If you do not have one, I highly recommend that you get one! I use this mini chopper; it does the trick, it is small, and costs less than £20.

At first, it will just be lots of frozen separate particles of frozen banana; it will look like it won’t get there, but carry on; stop and give it a mix if need-be.  Be patient!  (It’s noisy. It’s worth it)

Suddenly when you are thinking “when will this ever come together?”  it will transform into celestial creamy ice-cream. The whole thing takes about 5 minutes, what with stopping and mixing in etc


Of course you could add some honey, or maple syrup….though really, it carries its own sweetness because you have waited till the bananas are nice and ripe and have developed plenty of natural sugars. The banana flavour is present, though not overpowering. It was, however,  sniffed out by my affirmed banana-hating daughter, though I personally, really do not find it tastes too strongly of bananas. My dad tried this and was so blown away by the texture and creaminess that he asked me twice “are you SURE you haven’t added anything like cream to this?”

Here are some variations, most of which I have tried.

  • Add a medjool date into the food processor for caramelly-fudgy moments (The ice cream in the picture has a date in, as you will see)
  • Add in a handful of frozen raspberries or blueberries. Or fresh.               Frozen “yoghurt”. Now I cannot remember if I did it with fresh or frozen. I think it was frozen raspberries…
  • Add in some walnut chunks and a droozle or two of maple syrup.
  • Add in some liquid sweetener (honey etc) and some unsweetened chocolate/carob powder. I have not tried this, so I do not know how you would get along with proportions, but just taste-test happily.

If you want to get fancy, add in some vanilla seeds and/or some raw nut butter. I have also found the frozen slices are just delicious to eat on a hot day. The texture is so unctious and creamy. It’s like a tiny ice cream slice. And no washing up. Bonus.

I have some slices in the freezer right now, for later. Nothing like a little soul nurturing on a rainy Thursday evening, wouldn’t you say?

Update: Look how you can dress this baby up, follow the link.


2 responses to this post.

  1. We enjoyed frozen banana ice cream today. Its yummy stuff!


  2. Posted by Christina on June 18, 2011 at 2:31 pm

    this is really yummy and easy to make beth.
    We tried it with grape honey and it was sooo god


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