“If you’re not having fun, you’re not doing it right”

This has not been photoshopped. It really is that green.


Enough Said.

Living off only plants, or mainly plants, feels amazing. If you are not having fun eating plants, or maybe your children aren’t…maybe you are not doing it right. Try tweaking.
  • Change the packaging (Part I) This can really work for children. My daughters used to moan about their Ikea cupfull of green smoothie every day, despite it tasting really sweet and fruity. Without changing anything in it, I put it in a wine glass …and they were more interested. I put it in a glass with a straw, and it now disappears before I even sit down. Bingo. Who would have thought it?  It can work for adults too. One lady I know of missed drinking alcohol at fancy do’s, until she realised that one of the things she missed was holding a long-stemmed glass; she now always drinks her freshly squeezed juice cocktails in a  wine glass, and is completely happy.
  • Change the packaging (Part II) If you don’t like green leaves, blend them with fruit! If you don’t like the taste of your green smoothie, use more fruit, or milder leaves, like baby spinach, or lambs lettuce. If you are not keen on salads, package them in amazing home-made plant-based dressings. Don’t like beans or pulses unless there is lots of meat floating in it? You just need to find that magic mix of spices and herbs.
  • Eat more desserts.Yes, seriously. Get on a crusade to find desserts which satisfy your sweet tooth and have only wholesome clean ingredients in. There are plenty out there. Get Googling. Banana softserve with cashew butter caramel sauce. Brazil Nut “Cookies and Cream”.  “Raw” cheesecake. Here are two links to get you started:

Raspberry ganache Fudge Cake

Raw Mango cheesecake  

I can vouch how amazing both of these taste. The kids loved them too. (Both are free from dairy, and refined sugar. “Agave nectar” in these recipes can be replaced with unpasteurised honey if desired)

And of course, the dessert supreme in the mediterranean- fruit. No kitchen appliances or washing up required. (Some  people would say- “Never eat fruit after a meal, it will kill your digestion!” I would say- if that bowl of berries is instead of a sticky toffee pudding, don’t sweat the small stuff, and knock yourself out with your bowl of berries)

So get creative. It makes you feel good. Go forth, eat more plants, and be happy!


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