Cashew and Maple Flapjacks, thank you Heather!

Just as I was wondering “Can you substitute nut butters for butter and margarine in a flapjack?”, somebody sent me a link to this creative girl who has a food blog. She has a bit of a thing about almond butter. Hence the name  of her site is Heather eats Almond Butter. And yep, you can make oaties/flapjacks/granola bars with nut butter!


Follow the above link for the original recipe. My slightly different version is below. Creamy oats, rich home-made nut butter, maple syrup. I think I am in heaven. I tried two versions which were both gorgeous. And we all know what they say about oats for breakfat. Seriously. I reckon you could eat this for breakfast and still feel pretty virtuous. After a run maybe? 🙂

  • The fats in this recipe come from nut butters, so you will need a food processor to make your nut butter before you begin. I did one batch with macadamia nuts, which happen to be very fatty, so it turns into nut butter within minutes. The second batch was with cashew nuts which takes longer, maybe about 7 minutes. Almonds take around 10 minutes. I did a post about making nut butters here. With the cashew nut butter I add a tiny amount of oil so the bars do not end up too dry, but I did not do this with the mac nuts, they are far richer. (alternative way of saying fattier!)
  • The sugarsPure maple syrup. The recipe Heather does calls for 1/2cup but I reduce it to 1/3cup, mainly because I was almost out of syup and man, that stuff is expensive. It was still sweet enough for me, but maybe if you are used to “regular” sweet treats, go for the full 1/2 cup. The other version I made uses honey. If you use honey, reduce to 1/4 cup, because it is so sweet and it is quite overpowering in flavour. The other disadvantage with using only honey is that the underside burns as quick as look at it. The maple syrup version is definitely the nicest, but obviously, ouch on the food budget. There is also a liquid sweetener called agave nectar, priced somewhere between honey and maple syrup. I don’t think it’s especially “natural”, but some people like to use it.
  • The Dry ingredients are – obviously- oats, but in one version I also use dessicated coconut, and you could use alternative grain flakes if you do not get on well with oats.
  • The add-ins. (Optional) Choose from raisins, dried cranberries, chopped dates, dried pineapple,nuts, seeds, chopped dried apricots etc

Version 1: Cashew Nut  and Maple Flapjacks

  • 1/2cup of cashew nut butter (made with 3/4cup cashew nuts, unroasted)
  • 1/8c mild-tasting oil (I used walnut oil)
  • 1/8t salt
  • 1/2c maple syrup (or 1/3c if you wish to use less)

Blend well in the mini chopper/food processor. Add:

  • 1 1/2 cups rolled oats
  • 1/2 cup of add-ins of your choice (I used raisins/cranberries/walnuts)

Press into a square tin 6inx6in, and press flat.However, I preferred a loaf tin (abt 7inx3in) so they came out deeper. Refridgerate.

PAUSE. You can seriously just eat these now as no-bake fridge bars, they are soooo good! Left overnight they become very firm. However, if you wish to bake them, just pre-heat oven to 180 C, and bake for around 10minutes or until edges are light golden.

version 2: Macadamia Nut and Honey Flapjacks

  • 1/2 macadamia nut butter  (made from 3/4 cup mac nuts. About 75g)
  • 1/8t sea salt
  • 1/4 cup honey
  • 1 cup rolled oats
  • 1/2 c  dried unsweetened coconut
  • 1/2c add-ins (I did not use any. Actually…  no, I threw in a very few pieces of date.)

Process the nut butter and honey first and then mix in the dry ingredients until well incoporated. You can now press them into a tray, but I just made cute little oval shapes with the 1/2T measuring spoon.

Refridgerate until firm, overnight if you wish to eat them as no-bake fridge flapjacks. If not, after about 30 minutes, take them out and bake. These burn really easily with just the honey, beware. My little egg-shaped bites took 5 minutes at 180 C and the bottom was already about to over-brown. But look how cute!

VERDICT. Definite Keeper!

Late addition: There is another version for peanut butter lovers here.


One response to this post.

  1. You are welcome.

    Yes, definitely keeper I’d say – to both recipes! Now I really want to go to the store and get some macadamia nuts. Brazil nuts are also really “rich” and turn into nut butter rather quickly. OK, it’s barely 7 AM, and I’m in total nut making butter mode. My husband needs to wake up so I can get the food processor going. Trust me, he is not a happy camper when woken up by my kitchen experiments…and it’s happened often. 😉


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