Get the raw glow!

It’s easy! You just eat more raw plants! But in case you are not in the habit, here are a few ways to get more raw fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds etc  into your day. This is just a starter list and I have tried to make them easy ones.

  • Big. Breakfast .Smoothie.  Bananas are filling, frozen berries are cheap. Get creative. Make it green, pink, or whatever colour you like, just drink yourself a big glass of plants! (Have you bought your blender yet?)
  • Treat yourself. If possible, go for fruit that you absolutely love, not just tolerate. Why eat an apple and feel deprived if you can eat berries and feel decadent? (For the record, I love apples, as do many people. No offense to the humble nutrient-packed apple. It was just an example)
  • Salad of Abundance every day. You will not believe how much you will come to love salad if you try this for a week or two. You will start to crave that crunch, I’m serious! Make it massive, make it colourful, make it delicious, and sprinkle some denser foods like nuts or seeds on top. Invest in large tupperware for your place of work if needbe.And YES, it is possible to get full on a salad.
  • Raw Dressing. Why put a processed supermarket junkie dressing on your lovely salad of abundance? Get yourself a little jar if you are taking your salad to work; make up a delicious vinaigrette of extra virgin olive oil-sea-salt-unpasteurised vinegar. (dash of honey? mustard? herbs?) Or whizz up an avocado with one whole orange and a pinch of salt in your mini chopper (have you got one yet?) Blend some cashews with a dash of vinegar, dill, onion and garlic powder and basil for a ranchey style one.  Mmmmmm…
  • If you like hummous, eat it with raw vegetables instead of pitta. Or as well as your pitta. Wholewheat?  🙂
  • Guacamole, yum! Mash up a large avocado, add one,some, or all of the following: lime juice, salt, coriander leaf, chopped tomato, chopped spring onion, chilli. Eat with red bell pepper sticks.
  • Drink more water. Your body will love you for it. I just snuck that one in.
  • Plan for the evening. That is when cravings for sugar hit. I don’t know why, but it’s true, isn’t it? What will you have ready? Get ready with raw, natural glucose. Our body is supposed to crave glucose. It’s one of it’s favourite fuels. Just get glucose packaged in a natural form; a cantaloupe, banana softserve ice cream, (see “Desserts”  section) grapes, strawberries, a medjool date or three. You will always have moments when you feel you have to have something sweet; but if you learn to satisfy those moments with other things, you will enjoy so much better energy in yourself. No sugar slump, no sugar mood swings. And the best part? As you go for the good stuff, you will start to lose cravings for the bad boys…slowly. Amazing!

These things are not difficult, not expensive and there is something everyone could do today, if they felt so inclined.

If you are working hard to nurture your mind, and your soul, then love your body aswell, because it is what houses the other two. And it is not just like a disposable outer casing; there is a real conection between our body and our inner self. You will absolutely feel a difference in your spirit, the more you care for your bodily health. You are so worth it!!


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  1. Why do people think that eating living foods is so complictaed? It’s nature’s fast food!!!! Fabulous inspiration Beth 🙂 x


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