Simply Perfect!

 I just love it!!

There are plants- or rather- the fruits thereof, that give us glucose, in a sweet, quickly available form.

 There are plants that give us glucose, packaged up differently to fill us for longer, and release energy throughout the day; wholegrains, potatoes, squash, sweet potatoes….

There are plants that are rich in protein; nuts, seeds, legumes…

Plants that become rich in protein, or even richer (when sprouted); grains,seeds and “seed-grains”.

Plants that contain healthy fats that will contribute to our artery health, not harm it.

Plants that grow in spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

Plants that need more sun, plants that thrive better with some shade.

Plants that grow better, and become more flavoursome in cold conditions.

Plants that satiate, plants that hydrate.

 Plants, or components thereof, that are red, pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple of very hue, peach, coral, white.

Plants that grow in the sea, plants that grow on the land.

Plants with leaves of every flavour- cool mint, delicate dill, woody rosemary, aromatic basil, zesty strong coriander, pungent parsley,and so on, and so on…

Plants that aid the liver in it’s detoxifying functions.Too many to mention!

Plants contain fibre, aiding the intestine in removing toxic waste as quickly as possible from our organism.

Plant fruits with edible peel, plants that have a protective peel for better storage.

Plants that bear long-lasting fruits as the winter months approach like pumpkins.

Plants that store all their food and goodness in the root to help it (or us!) through the winter.

Plant that help regulate blood sugar, plants that aid weight loss, plants that strengthen your immune system, plants that work against inflammation in your body.

Plant that are bite size, others that can feed a whole family.

Plants that are soft enough for a weaning infant to eat, without teeth.

Plants that heal. Yep. All edible plants have properties which contribute to your healing. Far too many to mention in detail…but too amazing not to mention in passing.

Plants, the only thing on the planet that can harvest the light of the sun and transform it into food, in little amazing green factories, packed with chlophyll-goodness- which we then get to eat!!

Plants that grow wild and are classed as “noxious weeds” which -even s0- are edible and in some cases far more nutritious than what is on the supermarket shelf!

Plants that are sticky and gooey, others that crunch, others that slurp, and still more that are creamy and unctious; refreshing, chewey, sharp, sweet, bitter, deliciously sour, and dreamily aromatic!

Plants that are just so….dang…..BEAUTIFUL! You could get lost in a purple curly kale leaf….look at that network of teeny tiny purple veins…and hiding beneath that gorgeous purple hue is that life-giving chlorophyll………look at the colours in the plant world…..just testifying that this is the food that will nurture and lift our constitution and give us energy to love life and be a contribution for good in the world!

Plants that are part of the great and marvellous circle of life, because each seed (that has not been tampered with by man) has the potential to create more life….even the “waste” peel and leaves can return to Mother earth and feed other plants. It’s goodness is never lost, only passed on and repackged in another form.

If you want to enjoy better health, energy, vitality- embrace these wonders! 

Base as much of your diet as you can around the amazing plants the earth brings forth, given by God to nurture and heal, and to be enjoyed.

Eat them as close to nature as your circumstances will allow, eat plenty of them raw, and unsprayed by chemicals, picked from your garden when you can.

You can only feel the difference of changing your diet like this if you try it; just reading about it will do nothing and will more than likely just sound like “over the top” and foolish;  but put it to the test and feel the difference.

Everyone is at a different place; you may want to start eating plants, or eat more plants than you currently do, you may want to shift to eating mainly plants, or even eat only plants.

But wherever you are, enjoy the gifts that God has given, eat more of them, and be grateful for them, they are so amazing!

I am off to Spain.

Veggie-Enthusiastically yours….  xxx




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