Go Raw for a Day on Monday 11th July 2011

Just for a day- do you dare ditch your Pepsi Max, your dairy, white carbs, sweets and chocolate, animal protein, fried foods, junk foods, alcohol and a long etcetera- and just for a day– eat only plant foods in their natural uncooked state??? 

It’s feels flipping awesome! It’s not like it’s forever, right? Anyone can do anything for a day, if so inclined. Give your system a break, and a gift!

 It may help you feel a greater appreciation for the real colours and abundance of the earth, instead of the “colours” and “abundance” of pre-packaged foods.

It may be an interesting challenge.

It may be a good kick-start after a weekend of drinking and/or take-ways and/or junk food nights in.

If nothing else, it may help you step back and consider what you want to change about your diet and health.

I discovered a while ago that there are people known a cruditarians (pronounced CRUDE… not CRUD….!) or raw-food diet followers that eat NOTHING BUT UNCOOKED FOODs IN THEIR NATURAL STATE.  Extreme? For me, yes. Most of them don’t hug trees or anything like that…but for some people it’s an all or nothing approach and they are more than delighted with their lifestyle, and hey, all raw-veggie-power to them.

 I personally, for different reasons could never eat with immovible always-never rules. There are foods that I currently, rarely or never eat, but cannot say that I would never ever consume them on certain occasions, for different reasons. Still, that’s for another day (or not.)

As for raw foods… I have gradually discovered the joys! I eat a ton,and have found that to base a large proportion of what I eat around these foods has made such a difference to my well-being. And I believe that’s for everyone.

Firstly, because by eating more of these foods, you automatically have to eat less of others, and the things that tend to drop off will be the stuff that is sapping your energy anyway.

Secondly, because these foods are alive with vitamins, minerals, protective phytochemicals, enzymes, pure water (no filtering needed), and they literally give energy and life!

 I absolutely love raw foods!  I love fruit, I love love love salads- leaves and fruit-vegetables, and healthy dressings made from cold-pressed oils, avocados, or nuts and seeds. I love special treats and ice-creams made from plant sugars and plant fats (there are some in my dessert section, to be added to) I love breakfast smoothies and savoury soup-smoothies like gazpacho, and others.

It has helped me maintain my weight while feeling full and utterly satisfied, not a bit deprived, and I have enjoyed better health since I changed my diet to incorporate far more plant foods, with plenty of raw, and ditched the junk; I am so happy to have kissed goodbye to a very long term complaint I had since I changed my diet.

 I love the wonderful foods given to us by God and the earth. Do not accept your fatigue, aches, pains and other complaints as something you “just have”; be proactive, learn more about the wonders of real good foods, and do all you can to  love yourself!! You are so worth it!

  • Follow this link for the International Raw Food day website and scroll down the page to download a copy of your free e-book “Go Raw for a Day”
  • Here, you can read a Facebook Page with people sharing how they felt; “I went raw for a day”.

Raw-plant-enthusiastically Yours. xxx


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