Wholewheat wrap (that doesn’t taste like cardboard)


My wholewheat wrap experiences have not been good. Until today, oh joy! There is no white flour in it, it’s made with wholegrain flours, and it tastes delicious!  I cannot remember where I found this recipe, but I am delighted with it.

Okay, it looks kind of faffy at first, but actually it’s pretty easy. You may need to buy some brown rice flour, or you could just do it with wholewheat flour and oat flour (just grind up some porridge oats) It just has a few stages, but most involve waiting, ’tis all. 🙂 It’s all easy except rolling out the tortillas nice and thin. I wish I had a tortilla press now.My arm muscles feel firmer and everything.

In one bowl: 2 cups wholewheat flour +  1 1/4cups BOILING water. Mix well, and leave to stand for 30 minutes.

In another bowl, mix:

  • 1 additional cup of ww flour or oat flour (I used oat flour)
  • 1/4 cup brown rice flour or potato flour (I used rice flour)
  • 1t sugar
  • 1t dried yeast
  • 1 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 2 Tblspoons oil (extra virgin olive oil, or sunflower, I used sunflower this time)

Once your first bowl has sat 30 minutes, add the contents of bowl two, mix well, and knead for 5 minutes. leave to rise for an hour.

Shape into 8 balls, and leave to rest for 15 minutes. (Why? No idea, something to do with the gluten)

Flatten out with a rolling pin into a circular shape, roll out as thin as possible. Use two pieces of greasproof paper for this stage, roll out your dough between them, it’s much easier.

Dry-fry (on a hot non-stick pan), flipping periodically on a medium heat for about a minute. When you see light brown spots, take it off and cool it on a rack, or use immediately. Do not overcook or it will dry out, and instead of a nice rolled wrap, you will have lots of cruddy broken rectangular shapes when you try and roll your lunch.

If you are using them later, what you can do is,pre-cook them, (being careful not to overcook) and then when you are ready to use, spatter them lightly with cold water and give them another quick hot dry-fry for about 10 seconds, so it is warm, and more flexible.

Freezing: Today I joyfully discovered that you can freeze them raw, already rolled out, and then when you want to eat one, take it out of the freezer and immediately dry-fry it in a non-stick pan, on a medium heat for about 3 minutes.

Spread, Sprinkle, roll! Mine was spread with smoky walnut pate,and sprinkled with red onion, grated carrot, spinach and alfalfa sprouts.It wasn’t the best roll-up job in the world, but it tasted great.

Spread, sprinkle...

...and roll.

  • Tip: If you are transitioning from white wraps,one thing you can do is sieve your 100% wholewheat flour and discard the bran that is left in the sieve. Okay, nobody call the fibre police on me; some bran will still be present, as will the wheatgerm (that has the vitamins and minerals in) It will make the dough a little lighter, and if that helps you, then great. Anyway the idea is that you stuff the finished wrap full of raw veggies,sprouts and bean based dips which have plenty of fibre in anyway.
  • Green tip: Green wraps are so delicious aswell. Especially if you have quite a rich spread, the contrast with crunchy lettuce wraps is surprisingly delicious. I never thought I would enjoy them, but really, you need to try it. Leaves just rock the world. Try to eat (or drink) some every day 🙂

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  1. Looks lovely and I am going to try x


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