(“If you build it, they will come”)…or.. If you grow it, they will eat?

I haven’t planted much this year. I don’t have much room anyway but I try to container plant on my patio, but you know, there is the sandpit aswell, and it gets crowded.  I have noticed though…..kids take such a thrill in growing things and they actually seem more keen to eat veggies because they have grown them!

The first year we grew cherry tomatoes, we grew a really sweet orange variety; the girls both like tomatoes anyway, but it made me smile…the first day we ate some (wow- they were sooo sweet and flavoursome!) Amelia wrote in her diary “Today we at sum tumatos and they wer beter than choklit.”  🙂 

Last year , Amelia again, who is none tooo keen on cucumber (to say the least) carried our first cucumber around the house triumphantly for hours, before I could cut it. She announced she didn’t like cucumber but she would defintely eat some of this one “because it’s OURS”.

They “HATE” onion and garlic but you should have seen their face when I told them that it was one of our onions in the dish they were eating. Smiles all round.

I saw it at my friends house aswell; her four year old son was pulling french beans off the plant and just chomping on them raw. I said “Wow! How does that work?!”  and she replied “You just grow stuff, year after year, and they end up enjoying them. He didn’t use to like them”.

So there we have it. There may be something in it. I think it’s a bit of a spiritual thing, hippy though that may sound. It connects kids to the earth and the source of their food and they start to feel the mother earth love  🙂  For real.  I think I will plant curly kale next year  🙂


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