Law of the Universe 2

There are many laws of the universe, and not all of them are in the science books. I wrote about one law which I have a particular love and gratitude for in this post, relating it to food choice,  Like I say in that post, because it is a universal law, it can work in many spheres of our lives, and I simply applied it to healthy food choice, because that is what this blog is about.

Here is another Law of the universe which I know to be real. By way of introduction…. I read this amazing book called “Potatoes not Prozac“. The author, who has a PhD in the area of study of the affects of sugar on brain chemistry, apologised for the title. She said it was a shameless way of getting some attention for the book and is not meant as an insensitive reference to the use of anti-depressants.

 The book discusses people who are sugar dependent, who “can’t NOT eat it”  and the brain chemistry of  what the author calls sugar sensitivity. Some parts are quite scientific, but she insists that it is important to understand how it becomes so habit-forming and how the cravings are perpetuated.

Anyway, if you want to learn more, read the book, it is a fascinating, and dare I say, empowering read. She developed a program to help people who were addicted to sugary foods, to slowly come off them, to the point of being completely free of all sugars and white carbohydrates. Programs of course are not The One True Path, but are just one way of applying principles. In her case she bases her program on the findings of her research; in any case, she has helped hundreds of people to break some very addictive eating patterns.

The point for today is that she eventually named her program “Radiant Recovery” Sounds a little cheesey to you? Why did she choose that name? She said it was after she received so many letters of people thanking her, and exclaiming how they felt that their whole life had been changed; they began to believe in themselves more, have a greater vision of where they wanted their life to go, relationships improved, minds felt enlightened.One girl said ” I thought I was changing my diet, I had no idea I was getting my life back.”

 These are some of the blessings for your inner self when you overcome food addictions and start to eat clean: Hidden treasures of wisdom and knowledge, greater mental clarity of which direction to take, a greater desire to live healthier and better in other area of your lives, a greater enthusiasm for early rising, a greater understanding, not understanding of “hard facts” from the material world, but equally real (though less visible) knowledge about you and your potential, earth, heaven, your life here, what you can become; in short, an inner jiggliness that comes for a love and gratitude for all that is good, true and beautiful.

 I hasten to add- and I don’t need to, because it’s blindingly obvious,  that our inner levels of joy and enlightenment are not only dependent on nutrition, of course not! But the “fuel” is so very key! Body and soul are connected in a special and wonderful way. It is a truth that can sound far-fetched and almost ridiculous until you experience it to a greater or lesser extent, but then, you know! Of course, knowing something does not always mean you live in harmony with it at all times, but you know…and when you get off track, you try to return to that which you know.

Why would we limit the health of our inner self and say “we have enough”?  Even if you feel totally happy and inspired, could it be that there is more for you? How much are we missing out on? I know that I for one, live far below my possibilities and privileges. Like I said, there are many factors that govern inner guidance and peace, and one might say that the food we eat is the very least of all of these. And yet! Cleaner food, cleaner body, clearer spiritual conduits for inspiration. Food for thought, no pun intended.

Have a wonderful day!


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