Make your own coconut milk

Q. What do the following all have in common?  citric acid, sodium metabisullfite  potassium metabisulphite, sulphur dioxide,Stabilizers E412, E466, E435  Guar Gum, Carboxy Methyl Cellulose , Emulsifier: Polysorbate 60 Carboxy Methyl Cellulose , Thickener – Xanthan Gum .

A. All found in different varieties of canned coconut milks. Thankfully not all in the same can….but a generous selection in most cases. Do you know what half of them are? Because I don’t. It looks like a lab, for goodness sake!

Here are two easy way to make your own no-wierd-stuff-all-natural coconut milk. This is not thick like a canned version, because there are no thickeners, stabilisers or emulsifiers added- and that is a good thing.

Version 1 (The easiest): Using dried unsweetened coconut

  • Need:  Blender. Strainer or nut-milk bag
  • Leave 1 cup of dried unsweeetened coconut in soak overnight with 2 measuring cups of water. (If you buy an organic brand like Crazy Jacks, it will be nothing but dried coconut, no preservatives added)
  • In the morning, blend in the liquidiser for about 2 minutes.You can add a touch of sweetener if desired, or even vanilla.
  • Pour your mixture into a fine strainer or a mesh nut-millk bag, and strain. Squeeze it out well so you remove the maximum amount of liquid and coconut oil.Some coconut oil will acumulate around the side of the blender, make sure you don’t leave it there. Add it to your milk- it is what makes it rich. 
  • This will be alright in the fridge for 2-3 days.

Version 2 (Easy,it just takes longer): Using a whole coconut.

  • Need: Knife, Food processor, strainer or nut milk bag
  • Crack open the coconut and using a knife, remove the meat.
  • Cut into manageable pieces into a food processor and shred finely.
  • Pour 2 cups of warm water (500 mls) over the shredded coconut meat
  • Using clean hands, just massage and squeeze out the meat into the water
  • Place over a fine strainer (or use a nut milk bag) and strain.
  • You can then take the meat and repeat the process with 1 more cup of water if you wish for a little more milk.

If you use fresh coconut, the milk is best to be used on the day.

What can you do with the strained pulp?

  • If you have coconut oil, you can make Bounty Bar Bites. I have tried it, and it works just as well as using dried coconut flakes. Just make sure you have squeezed it out well. (From this recipe you should have 3/4 cup of coconut pulp. Add 80grams of melted coconut oil, and 2Tablespoons of honey. Follow the above link for the original recipe)
  • Mix it into “overnights oats.” With raisins or dates, and dried pineapple or mango it will taste all tropically and sunshiney. Especially if you pour the coconut milk over the oats.
  • Throw it into a tropical fruit smoothie.
  • Use it in a babyfood dessert.
  • Add it to a home-made curry sauce. For a vegetable curry 🙂 Suggestion only 🙂

To name but a few…… because it’s all I can think of right now and I have run out of time. Wishing you all satisfaction and joy in current or new healthy habits!


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