Ice Cream and Sorbet: The Fruit, the Whole Fruit, and nothing but the Fruit

Amelia has requested, even demanded, full credit for this, and so it shall be. She  wanted to make a raspberry sorbet. She loves making anything in the ice-cream maker, but happily it wasn’t even needed!

I followed her instructions, and this is how it went. Too easy. Take 1 bag of frozen raspberries (ours was 300grams) and process in the food processor until broken down and slushy-in-a-sorbet-kind-of-way. Wait 5-10 minutes for them to begin to thaw, before processing them.

Truthfully this was a bit too sharp for me, and I wanted to blend in a bit of fresh pineapple or something to sweeten it but she wanted it so.

I had some frozen sliced bananas so I made some banana soft-serve to go with it. I still cannot believe how the colour even changes when you blend it, it turns so creamy white as opposed to the yellowey-brown hues of an extremely ripe banana.

I envisaged a beautiful small glass that we could layer with the 100% raspberry sorbet, and the 100% banana soft serve creamy ice cream. Then I remembered that   a) both of my girls hate bananas   b) All of my nice glasses have smashed, and I feel no inclination to buy any more while in this micro-kitchen.

So we just dolloped each variety in two large glasses and presented it on our paint-stained table. Did I mention I was pipped to the post in a food photography competition just last week?

Not naughty. And pretty nice actually.









Still, the sunny afternoon refreshment was delicious. And two of our “five a day”, nothing added, nothing taken away, so it’s all good.



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