Eat more plants!

I love it when your lunch is purple and green and you know it was meant to be that colour, and those colours are natural healers and helpers for your body!

We all know that eating more plants is good for us. And I don’t mean the old “this chocolate donut is made of wheat and cacao beans, and sugar cane, which are plants” trick ūüôā Fruits, veggies, leaves,¬† unprocessed grains, you know the stuff.

We all know that eating plants raw is good for us. Sprouted seeds and grains, raw salads, fruit as it was picked, nuts and seeds unroasted and without wierd stuff sprinkled on it, all that jazz.

We also all know of things that once…a million years ago, relatively speaking….was a mineral-rich, fibre-full, enzyme-packed plant: high fructose corn syrup, sugar, chocolate, white flour….now, their own mother wouldn’t recognise them. If a plant could recognise, that is. Those definitely don’t fall into the category of “Eat mainly plants to enjoy better health”.

If you really want to seek after better health, and “cold turkey” scares you (as it does most people), try this:

1. Add a little. For example, start drinking water, freshly squeeze some¬†fruit/veggie juices,¬†drink¬†a green smoothie before your breakfast, a daily salad for lunch…little additions that you feel ready for.

2. Then…Subtract a little. Try eliminating what you most feel you could not live without. Sounds backward?¬† That’s how you know what you are most addicted to!¬†Make one change at a time, one week (or even day) at a time.

3.¬†When you are ready …Add a lot more (wholegrains, raw veggies, sea vegetables, sprouts, good stuff)¬†and Subtract a lot more (animal proteins and things pretending to be food)

I’m not saying “Go vegan”.¬† I am not vegan, though I have ditched dairy, I never ate red meat anyway, and on rare occasions eat fish or eggs. I guess you could say I eat “mainly plants”.

But this is not about me anyway.

It’s about wherever each person is, loving themselves a little better in terms of fuel. Incorporating more plant foods, cooked and raw into our lifestyle, eating more whole-plant-based and less animal protein and factory “food”-based.

By the way… Where are the studies that this way of eating is better? Be your own study. Make some changes,¬†be consistent,¬†and pay attention to your body size, energy, and how you feel in your inner self. You may not get into any journals, but personal results truly are the best ones!


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