Raw Apple Compote

Cool trick.

  • Chop some flavoursome apples into chunks.
  • Throw into ziploc bag with some lemon juice, and cinnamon/nutmeg if you wish,.
  • Freeze.
  • Thaw.
  • Remove skin if you wish; it will peel right off.*
  • Drain off the juice (drink it, it’s delicious!)
  • Food process.
  • Voila! Apple compote! In all it’s uncooked glory!

As you know, freezing and thawing changes the texture of fruit, while conserving almost all of the goodness. Hip hip!

*If you wanted to keep the skin, (most of the phytonutrients are concentrated in and just under the skin) then just go ahead and blitz; I did, and it worked fine.

**If you want to warm up a raw compote, warm gently through, (NOT in a microwave) Make sure it doesn’t get too hot to touch with your finger, to preserve maximum amount of help for your body.

***If you use cooking apples, of course, you will probably want to sweeten, though cinnamon also adds a natural sweetness. I used some really sweet Braeburns, that I froze when I had about 60 apples on the side.

Uses for your apple sauce: 

  • Warm gently through (as above) and sprinkle generously with a healthsome topping of organic oats, walnuts, cinnamon, and one date.
  • Baby food! No cooking, and your little one gets more of the goodness.
  • Topping for  wholewheat pancakes

Similar-but-different: Thaw a bag of frozen berries, sweeten a little, and warm gently through, without it getting too uncomfortable to touch with your finger. Raw berry compote! Once my daughter Amelia was poorly and she asked for berry soup (her invention) which is thawed berries, liquidised, and gently warmed.

 Raw berry soup, for the soul  🙂


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