A photo, and a quote

Just got back from camping in Snowdonia, surrounded by babbling brooks (outside our tent in fact) grazing sheep (ditto), rolling hills, , a crystal-clear lake and enough greenery to satisfy the heart to the uttermost depths.

Ate quite a few planty-foods too. Mainly, cosy food like campfire-roasted corn on the cob, sweet potatoes, roasted bananas; nothing fancy, but OH so good, and all the better for the smoky (bordering-on-burnt) taste! Not forgetting those warm-ya-cockles herbal teas on a cold morning, and delicious salads sitting by said crystal clear lake, in between paddles. I can highly recommend Bala Lake, especially this campsite.

No recipe because I haven’t been shopping properly yet. But in keeping with our camping trip, you know….living closer to nature, the simple life etcetera etcetera may I furnish you with one of my favourite gardening quotes.

Many people say growing your own veggies is cheaper. I am not altogether sure that is always true (though it can be). To be sure, it is cleaner and greener (as long as you are not using pesticide sprays!) This quote sums it up for me, quite simply, perfectly.

The true value of a garden lies,

not in its economic output,

but in entertainment,




contribution to environmental quality,



and sheer connectedness with the earth.


In other words, all things that are priceless.
(Allan Shepherd)

Thank you Allan, and thank you Earth!


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