Overnight Oats

Okay, okay….you can’t technically call this a recipe….I am busy today. This is easy, and as versatile as you have ingredients. Oats have TWO types of fibre, both soluble and insoluble. Soluble fibre is not found in all plant foods, and it kind of “soaks up” LDL cholesterol (the stuff you don’t want).

Constipation is not an appealing topic, but neither is having it, and worse still is cancer of the colon. High fibre intake is one of the greatest protectors against cancer of the colon, as is a low (or no) consumption of meat, particularly of the red, and processed kinds. There is NO fibre in animal foods. There is fibre EVERYWHERE in the (unprocessed) plant world. Eat less meat, eat more plants!

Overnight Oats

  • Leave your rolled oats in soak overnight. You just want to barely cover them. You can soak in milk, but I soak in water, and then add milk the next morning
  • The next morning, add your “milk” or yoghurt of choice. I never have cows milk, for plenty of reasons, but let’s say, for one, I don’t like all the phlegm it produces in my throat. Gross. I cannot even write the word phlegm without having a shudder. ….dairy is very mucous producing. I’ll leave mine for the baby calves; that’s just my personal view on it.
  • Oh. Forgot to say…..Warm up, if desired. I eat it like this usually, except on freezing days, I might have some regular porridge.
  • Add fresh fruit of your choice: banana works well here.…(Fresh fruit is full of fibre too, of course)
  • Add your dried fruit of choice: chopped prunes, dates, figs, raisins, apricots, coconut flakes (there is also plenty of fibre here)
  • Add nuts/seeds of your choice: you know…..brazil nuts, hazelnuts, flaked almonds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, pecans, etcetera…..
  • Add sweetener of choice: date paste, honey, maple syrup, and so on.. The idea is to add plenty of sweetness with dried fruits, banana etc so that you don’t have to load it with sweetener, but of course, you have to enjoy it.
  • Add any extras that do not fit into the above categories.  Some people add a spoonfull of nut butters, dark chocolate chips, powdered supplements, bee pollen, I’ve heard of almost everything!

Here is mine one day, with a dodgy looking centrepiece of date paste. I am no under illusion that this looks nice. It was delicious however….






My family are home. Until next time!



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