I won something!… Peas and Thank You….

Cool! And something that really tickled me aswell. I won a book…..which is already on a best sellers list in the US (apparantly) And yes, it’s a recipe book….a plantified one! It’s written by the author of the food blog Peas and Thank You, Sarah Matheny, who (for some reason) has a bit of a pea thing going on, and calls herself Mama Pea. That aside, she is pretty funny, and her whole family follow a 100% plant-based diet  a.k.a vegan . (Why does that word sound so scary when I say it?)

Here is the link for her book,  Peas and Thank you: Simple Meatless Dishes the Whole Family will Love. A very bold assertation! It will be my (literal) pleasure to try and test. I already tried her sauce which has now become known as Mmmm Sauce, and oooh, it’s good! (Nutritional yeast required. Have you got yourself any yet?)

Watch this space for Peas and Thank You recipes, when my book eventually arrives.


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