5 simple meat-free pasta toppings

Eat your pasta with plants! Here are 5 suggestions to replace your red meat.

Note: Wholewheat pasta keeps you full longer, and the fibre helps you avoid constipation (that afflicts so many people– and it is so easy to rectify!) White pasta is effectively just glue in your digestive tract. If you do not eat wheat, soba noodles (made from the buckwheat seed) or brown rice noodles or spelt pasta are alternatives)

1. AVOCADO. Our family favourite. For a silky smooth sauce use a food processor, or just mash well with a fork and a pinch of salt. Embellish with chopped kalamata olives, tomato or even sprouts.Or eat as is, it’s such a majestic sauce. Best ever.

2. RAW MARINARA SAUCE. Food process 3 large tomatoes, 2 soaked sundried tomatoes, half a red bell pepper, a small glug of extra virgin olive; season with salt, onion and garlic powder, and hot spice if desired.

3.PESTO. What a classic. And so good! I blend up unroasted cashews, a handful per basil plant, instead of the hyper expensive pine nuts and use some nutritional yeast powder instead of cheese. So- basil cashews, olive oil (2-3 Tablespoons?) salt to taste, nutritional yeast, and a garlic clove if I am not going out ! Everybody loves this one, including the children.(I minus the garlic when this is a family meal)

4.BUTTERNUT SQUASH. My friend and I stumbled upon this simultaneously. As with the avocado you can mash well, or blend to a silky smooth sauce. Take a (leftover) roasted butter nut squash half, mash/blitz and mix with wholewheat pasta, with chopped walnuts, chopped sundried tomatoes, some sea salt and some extra virgin olive oil, tossed together- it is DELICIOUS!

5. Grilled garlic mushrooms with a savoury-seasoned cashew cream.

Extra tip for hard-core plant lovers. You can make courgette “pasta” noodles/ribbons using a simple julienne slicer or vegetable peeler respectively as shown in this post. Serve them steamed or raw. If you want to get fancy with raw zucchini pasta recipes, or just see her beautiful photos and flavour combinations, check out this girl here.

School run again! x


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