Tropical Sorbet

I think I should call this blog “Adventures of a Mini Chopper”. BUT- no ice cream maker needed for this one-hooray! Remember my glut of 3p baby mangoes? (Previous post) Well Isaac and I have just found a great use for one of them. No precise recipe needed !!

I used:

  • 1 baby mango (which yielded 100grams flesh)
  • some fresh pineapple (100grams flesh)
  • 1 ripe speckled banana
  • the juice of half a large lemon

I do think the lemon juice is essential to give it a bit of delicious sharpness, and I used the banana so I could get an extra creamy texture (even though sorbets are technically not creamy. I am not one to get hung up on technicalities) NOTE: If you are going to use a regular sized food processor, you will need to use more fruit or it will never “get going” and process the fruit properly.

This is a two-part-mini-chopper-adventure, but nevertheless takes a question of minutes (not counting waiting time, but you can do it overnight and have it for breakfast!)  Read on.

1. Process your fruit in a food processor with the “S blade” or a mini chopper until you have a nice smooth mixture. Taste, and tweak appropriately.

2. Now. Take your mixture and spoon it into a ziploc bag; if you have lots of mixture you may possibly need two. You can do it in a regular sandwich bag, you just need to be more careful. The idea is, on a plate or small tray is to extend your mixture in the closed plastic bag so you have a large flat rectangular smoothie 🙂

3. Place your bag(s) in the freezer overnight, or for about 4-6  hours.

4. When your mixture is solid, you simply remove it from your plastic bag, and “snap” it into pieces into your mini chopper (you have washed it from the last use, right?)  You will notice ice crystals; that is what an ice cream maker prevents, but don’t worry- we are going to break them down now, and end up with a beautiful slushy sorbet with not an ice crystal in sight!

5. Now blitz your mixture in your chopper, until all lumps are gone and you have a creamy, dreamy frozen dessert!

Indulge alone or share with a friend.  I shared it with my little man  🙂


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