The dearth that wasn’t.

I was looking bleakly into my fridge this morning. I don’t know about seven years of famine, but the seven hours until I could do a big food shop seemed far,oh so far away. Should I try the old close-the-door-and-try-again-in-ten-minutes trick? Nah- we all know it doesn’t work.

The hundreds of pears proceeding from two friends pear trees were still unripe. My children had eaten every avocado. The 3p mangoes were no more.I was out of jumbo organic oats and home-made wholewheat bread, because basically, I have plenty of time and no organisation skills right now. I momentarily rued being so picky  selective about what I put into my body. What to do?? Suddenly I remembered my secondary secret resource- the freezer.

How could I have forgotten? I had frugally hoarded in times of previous plenty, oh jolly good for me! I pulled out a package of pre-chopped fresh pineapple, one of the many bags of  ready-chopped Braeburns (the 10p-a-bag Braeburns, purchased with the 3 p  mangoes) and a few other surprise finds.

I remembered, furthermore, that I had fortuitously had a baking frenzy last week- and had almost a whole drawerfull of different types of cupcakes and cookies, all at different points on the scale of alternativeness, to appeal to different members of the household. I pulled out some honey-sweetened Peanut butter and raisin cookies (for Alfredo) and some sugar free fig and banana cupcakes (wholewheat)  because I love to hear Isaac try to ask for cupcakes in Spanish (“magdalena”– does anyone know why they named fairy cakes after Mary Magdalene?)

Phew! All was well. I inserted the fruits of my frugality into the blender-  100 grams of fresh pineapple, 2 Braeburn apples, a small frozen banana, a few frozen strawberries, and half a small bag of organic spinach, and smugly blended.

Thus began our day. And now, having shared our smoothie, to restore some order to this house. I shall put Isaac to work too, those Mary Magdalenes need to be earnt, young man!


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  1. Posted by Michelle on September 23, 2011 at 1:42 pm

    HA! You crack me up. I always enjoy reading your stuff; and cannot comprehend finding mangoes onsale for anything near 3p in dollar equivalent.


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