Make your own tahini

Sesame seeds. A weeny 1/4 cup has 350mg of calcium, and processed into a paste -tahini- they are delicious in savoury dishes – (hummous, and salad dressings being the favourite) and sweet contexts like heavenly halva. Alternatively, tahini toffee anyone? (By the way it is believed by some, that some of the nutrients are made more available when the seed is ground. But don’t let that stop you sprinkling them on salads!)

Tahini is not normally on the shelves of your regular supermarkets, you have to scout out a healthfood store. But fear not! With a mini chopper or food processor, and about 10-12 minutes you can make your own. It is ridiculously easy to make.

You definitely need: Sesame seeds. A food processor

You may need, if desired: A pan. Vegetable oil or toasted sesame oil.

  • The first (optional) step is to lightly toast your seeds in a pan, (no oil needed) for a few minutes. This is not so much to bring out flavour (you may have noticed, they definitely have a strong enough flavour) but to speed up the releasing of the oils. That said, what’s the hurry?
  • Put your seeds into your food processor. I used 100grams. For a larger machine, you will need more, or the blades will never catch it once it begins to break down.
  • Process your seeds, stopping to scrape down the sides if needbe. This may take 6-9 minutes? I have no idea, as I had multiple interruptions of the cute two-legged-two-year-old kind.
  • If you feel you are almost there but not quite…and are impatient like me (Reminder note to self, Beth “What’s the hurry?”) …..droozle in a small amount of oil and process until smooth.

This keeps in the fridge for ages. Mine won’t though. I have some plans for it, involving honey.  (It’s not for me this time- I’m just sayin’.)



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