7 month round-up

Despite a fridge full of produce, I am feeling a little uninspired today. And so, in recognition of 7 months of plant-enthusiastic blogging, today, permit me to point you towards 7 homage-worthy recipes, in my opinion. It’s not me bragging, it’s just that the things the earth brings forth taste so good!

These are recipes I go back to frequently, and it’s for a reason! I have shot for relatively faff-free recipes; some of them do require however, a mini chopper (a small S-blade food processor) or a blender/liquidiser (not a tall hand-held one, but a smoothie-maker type affair). Actually, only two of them involves cooking, as quite a few, indeed many of my favourite concoctions are made with raw plants, and I heartily encourage everyone to eat more raw plants every day.

1. Coconut oil chocolate as found in Coconut Bites and peanut butter cups. Get yourself some coconut oil! For a very easy treat, just melt it down with the cocoa and honey and  fill the bottoms of paper/silicone cases, and sprinkle nuts and seeds on top. Refridgerate until hard for healthsome chocolate florentines. (You can also buy organic cacao butter online, and make your own sugar-free chocolate creations with that, instead of coconut oil. It is dearer, but hello intoxicating chocolate aroma, and it stays hard at room temperature. Ask for it for Christmas?)

2.Tahini toffee. The new love of my life. Honey and tahini, cooked into a mesmerisingly yummy sesame brittle, scarily like refined sugar junk. But not.

3. Apple and cinnamon breakfast bowl. Apple pie cereal!! Don’t even worry about the measuring malarkey- just throw into your chopper:  3-4 dates, a massive shake of cinnamon, 2 apples, and either ground linseeds or your choice of nuts/seeds, a small handful of walnuts for example. For a light breakfast, eat as it is,  or for an extremely filling bowl,  mix in jumbo rolled oats. It’s done before your toaster would have popped.

4. Raw broccoli salad. Sweet heaven above!! How can a head of broccoli taste so good????!!! And might I suggest one large raw salad per day (hold the bacon and grated cheese) will do wonders for you? Go forth and eat more leaves.

5. Smoky Walnut Pate.  Mmmmmmmmm.

6. Chickpeas and spinach. Hearty and delicious, don’t forget the cumin.

7. Green smoothies .  Have you drunk your greens today? Yum.

Feed back if you try something, even if you didn’t like it, or if you found a variation that worked better for you.

And always eat with a grateful heart. It’s good for your health  🙂


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