Wholewheat noodles with amazing 10 second sauce

A 3 ingredient sauce is always a winner for me. No-cook-just-mix-it-up? Even better. Wholesome ingredients? My joy is full.  Are you ready? It’s so easy.

Equal amounts of tahini, honey and soy sauce .

I did 1/8 cup of each, and it was enough for 2 large bowls of noodles.

(Optional extras for a hotter sauce are crushed root ginger/chilli/garlic.)

  • Cook your wholegrain noodles (be they wholewheat, brown rice noodles, buckwheat “soba” noodles, wholegrain spelt noodles, whatever….just go for unrefined 🙂 ) Blue Dragon do a wholewheat version. I got quite excited about that.
  • Meanwhile, briefly steam some broccoli and/or peas, or basically, anything green you like.
  • Spoon over some sauce. This sauce is salty-strong, so spoon some over, mix it through and taste before adding more.
  • Sprinkle with copious amounts of chopped spring onion and extra sesame seeds if desired.

GORGEOUS SAUCE!!! No photo. If you make it, take one and send it to me 🙂

This was a pilot version, tested on myself and Isaac, and I will definitely be trying this on the girls. I am thinking about trying a variation with almond or maybe even peanut butter though, as they deeply dislike sesame ( they have both tried it before they declared how gross it was, full marks!)  I am not sure they will like even a variation …..I struggle with food-picky children like the next parent, but I would love to get them enjoying new flavours.

The nights are closing in.

With one copious  lunch salad and a new wholegrain noodle dish under my belt, (literally)  I am about to put on my PJ’s , blitz some sesame seeds and cook myself  us up some tahini toffee. It just seems like the right thing to do.


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