“Addicted to Veggies” or “Put some cashews in soak NOW!”

“Addicted to Veggies” is the title of a blog that I read. I really don’t spend my time reading lots of other peoples food blogs. I only read two specifically, both vegan, Addicted to Veggies, who posts Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays  and Peas and Thank you, who generally posts Mon-Fri.

I read the former because her beautiful photography reminds me how much I love what the earth brings forth, and her recipes are delicious, if a wee bit labour intensive sometimes, but so worth it. And because she shuns dogma, and wears high heels and red lipstick in her kitchen. I read the latter, because laughter is so good for your health, and her daughters personality reminds me of Ellie. Only her daughter eats tofu and broccoli with greater gusto. (Hey, Ellie’s not doing bad- she is heartbroken if I eat the last piece of lettuce, and once at the supermarket cashpoints she begged me for a head of raw cauliflower.) I really should try some more of Peas and ThankYou’s recipes too!

Anyway, what’s my point? Addicted to Veggies SarahFae really is addicted to veggies, and rarely features desserts (although when she does, mmmmmmmm!)  Also, she is a raw food loving vegan, so all of her veggie dishes are either salads, or sometimes she warms/wilts things in a dehydrator (alternatively, an oven on the lowest setting) But basically, how she makes her dishes unctious, is, there is almost always a creamy element. She always has a cashew cream in her fridge (follow that link to see how to make one, on this site) and then she plays around with herbs spices and home-made relishes to create different layers of wonderful flavours.

Yesterday I threw a cup of unroasted cashews into soak, because I knew I would be grateful later. Boy, was I ever! At lunchtime I blended up a nice cashew cream, with a splash of apple cider vinegar, sea salt, and some honey to make my gorgeous favourite dressing  (featured here on a  raw Broccoli Salad.) As we ate our leafy lunchtime salad, I remembered SarahFae and decided that Cashew Cream in the fridge is a very good idea indeed. Isaac agreed.

Today? The other half of the cashew cream, was mixed with a tiny bit of the left over DELICIOUS 3-ingredient sauce from yesterday to make a swoon-worthy Asian style raw broccoli salad. You must try that sauce! And you must put some cashews in soak!

Man. I love to see my children enjoying things like leaves and raw broccoli florets, or “plain old fruit”. I love to see them embrace anything good, true and beautiful. Of course, some things on the scale of Goodness, Truth and Beauty are more significant than others,  and nobody embraces these things all of the time, but to embrace anything good, true or beautiful is a step forward in their journey towards real abundance, and caring for the body, coupled with a care for the inner self/spirit is a potent combination. (Phew! Long sentence!)

 Hey.Who’d have thought that a cup of cashews in soak could aid you in some small measure on your journey towards abundance?

From small things, sometimes, proceed that which may one day be really great  🙂 And that, friends, is wonderful. And thank you SarahFae  🙂

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  1. Hey lady – What a wonderful and sweet post! I’m sorry I didn’t see this sooner. Thank you so much for the shout out, and I’m so glad the Cashew Cream is workin’ for ya! XOXO


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