For updatings sake……

Our 4 stick insects are not dead, which thing I am really happy about. Even stick insects have to die, but I was worried their moment had come in an untimely manner because we had neglected to replenish them with fresh leaves, and water. Such a thing would have made me feel bad; they may be very little, but they are living creatures in our care. After only having crusty brown nothings to chew on for a few days, two of them looked literally lifeless, on the floor with all their limbs tucked in, and not the slightest sign of untucking them. I felt awful. But lo and behold, after a big handful of the local hedgerows was rapidly inserted into their living quarters, splattered with water (it’s only the “demon tap water”, sorry guys. ..I don’t think they cared!) all four of them miraculously recovered. Thus proving you should eat more raw greens (local) and drink (any old) water to get more energy. For real.

One of the reasons I forgot to oversee the wellbeing of our stick insects was that I have been unwell with a bit of flu. My whole body was aching all over (or did I do too much yoga the day before?) and I felt pretty rough. I’d like to say that I- like my stick insects- achieved a miraculous transformation by drinking green juice and water, but in reality, I forgot to drink water, and all I ate the whole day was a big bowl of Sweet-and-spicey popcorn. The next day, though bunged up and still with headache, my aches and pains at least, had disappeared. Thus proving that cayenne pepper is good for you, and a bit of refined sugar on occasion won’t kill you. (I know maple syrup is refined, because we’ve read Little House in the Big Woods, and it blew all of my idyllic ideas of draining a natural sweet sap from a tree out of the window. They boil that syrup down for almost a day!)

Still, today was better, and I ate a big salad for lunch, thus proving you can find something healthy to eat in Pizza Hut (I BYO’d dressing. I mean, BMO…….Nobody noticed and Alfredo isn’t even embarassed by that anymore! 😉 ) 

And with that, I shall close. Thus proving you don’t necessarily need a point to your blog post. Though if you would like one, try these for size:

  1. Please feed your pets, even the small ones.
  2. Eat green leaves every day.
  3. Source thyself some maple syrup and make the popcorn recipe (click on the link above)
  4. £6 for a salad is not cheap, but being with the person you love compensates  🙂 (especially when you are alone with that person, without the other little people in your life, who you also love, by the way…)

Wishing you a flu-free weekend, hopefully with a cheeky salad or two, and definitely with plenty of time with people who are special to you. x


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Angela Stone on October 29, 2011 at 12:34 am

    Yummy popcorn! I totally BMO dressing everywhere now. Its wonderful. I hope you’re feeling much better now!


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