Thrifty P.S.

After my glut of bargain oranges (which were delicious) I decided to try something I read about once in my food dehydrator. I got the leftover peel from my squeezed oranges (freshly squeezed I hasten to add: I did this last week even though I am only writing about it now) and just dehydrated them as they are until they were dry, like this:









I am pretty sure you can do this in an oven on its coolest setting but search online for details if you are interested. What am I going to do with this?

I could grind it- it smells absolutely amazing! I could mix it with some cinnamon and allspice and/or star anise for a festive-smelling filling for…….something. Little bags or something…?

I could save them and re-use them, hydrated, in marinades. Yes, really. Read this post.

I have a friend who will definitely know what to do with it and I will update shortly.

This is a much better trick with whole orange slices, they are far more beautiful dehydrated than my odd-shaped leftovers and are good for tree decorations or gift-wrap accessories (with a cinnamon stick and raffia) Save this for a bad batch of oranges though, ones that have no flavour and are not worth eating.

I don’t think I will pat my own back for being green or anything. Composting the peel is just as “green” If not more so. Oh, and I just ate an avocado air-freighted from Chile.

But it was fun, and made my kitchen smell sunny and mediterranean while it was raining outside. And sometimes, that’s just what you need.


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