Giving Thanks

“Thanksgiving” day (with a capital T) is tomorrow for my American family and friends, and I wish to give thanks also. It goes without saying that the giving of thanks on a daily basis is essential for a happy soul. I also actually believe that inner peace and gratitude do much to bless the health of our physical organism, when they form part of a larger pattern of good habits.

The original “Thanksgiving day” as now celebrated by the Americans (though it wasn’t the first time that people have given thanks) gave thanks for food, and others sharing of their abundance.

I am so, so, so thankful for food to eat. I am so, so thankful, that thus far, I have never gone hungry, and thus far, neither have my children. I pray this was always be true.

I am grateful to live in a country with a temperate climate with plenty of rain, and sufficient sun and daylight also to grow an abundance of crops.

I am grateful for our seasons, though they seem a little wacky sometimes in the UK, they follow a cycle in perfect harmony with the cycle of the various plants we grow here.

I am also thankful for the seasons that teach us patience, and that all things come in their time.

That said, I am deeply grateful that we now live in a time that we can enjoy produce from other places also. Too right, yes! I am grateful for avocados, mangoes, passion fruits, bananas, coconuts, pineapples, medjool dates, pistachios, brazil nuts,  and other amazing foodstuffs that can reach my plate easily.

I am thankful that the produce of the earth is so varied and utterly beautiful, to please the eye, and gladden the heart, for taste, for smell, for delight. I am grateful for every colour imaginable, and sizes and textures inumerable.

I am grateful for all the things you can learn about yourself, and heavenly truths  when you consider nature, plants, and the growth thereof.

I am grateful for a blender and a food processor; I’m not kidding. It allows me to enjoy plant-foods in lots of wonderful ways that were previously unknown to me. Oh- and a dehydrator. Because I am seriously grateful for kale chips.

I am grateful for fruits, vegetables, leaves, roots, herbs, spices, legumes, whole grains, that all contain abundant and complex natural compounds that can heal our body.

I am thankful that when we look after our physical body, our mind is enlightened and our spirit blessed with inspiration and hidden treasures of knowledge.

I am grateful for how GOOD you feel when you eat of these real foods.

I am grateful that when you begin to eat more of these foods over other things, your gratitude is multiplied.

I am thankful for ickle sprouts on my windowsill that remind me of the miracle of life and faith.

I am thankful that people have worked hard to learn more about the healing properties of plants, and pass on their knowledge to those who will listen.

I am grateful to God, who has given us guidance about how to tenderly care for our bodies, and thus also, our spirits.

I am grateful that we can have a thankful heart any day of the year, and that counting my blessings helps me when I feel down.

Thanks for reading. Eat close to nature and give thanks daily.



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