Not a compelling title to be sure. I am short on time. Buckwheat is a SEED and has nothing to do with wheat, so is suitable for gluten free diets. You can:

  •  sprout it  (Follow this link for instructions)
  • Plant it over winter on your raised beds- it’s an excellent “green manure”, it “fixes” nitrogen into the soil for your spring plantings. Just dig in your green buckwheat plants into the soil before spring planting.
  • Grind it into flour
  • Soak/sprout it and then dehydrate it, it makes for a great gluten free crunchy cereal, just add sweetness and other flavourings such as cinnamon before dehydrating. Here is a gorgeous snack I made once with buckwheat when I discovered I didn’t like it sprouted. You need a dehydrator though……….
  • Cook  it.

This time I cooked it. You can use it as a base for a grain salad, and the next day with the leftovers, I mixed it into Apple and Cinnamon Breakfast bowl instead of oats. I don’t know if I can express how addicted I have become to this breakfast bowl, and am loving these amazing flavoursome English apples every day.

P.S. Buckwheat has this amazing compound called RUTIN which serves to strengthen capilliary walls and reduce micro-haemorraging in people with high blood pressure.

P.P.S Isaac is throwing monkey nuts around the room. Time to sign off.


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