Ten things from this week

1. Heavenly Juice is also amazing with frozen strawberries.

2. But don’t try to thaw them under a warm tap like frozen raspberries, you’ll be waiting a while. Take them out the night before.

3. Avocado sauce is still a winner on pasta, and Tesco had shedloads of avocados on the reduced shelf this week. And wholewheat pasta penne at 22p. All is well.

4. Roast chestnuts are darn good comfort food when it’s icy outside.

5.Ellie asked for salad for breakfast the other day. I have no idea how long she will continue to dig eating leaves, so let me tell you, when she asks for salad, the answer is always yes.

6. Pomegranate seeds look like little Christmassy jewels, and make me feel happy. Digging them out is also highly therapeutic and keeps your children occupied.

7. Sunita Honey Halva (Ingredients: Sesame paste (tahini) and honey) is a food rush in a box. I have tested it several times, and yes. It definitely is.

8. Dill smells of summer. I have some in my fridge and am going to make a cashew ranch dressing to go on new potatoes. Watch this space.

9. Washing up a juicer almost takes the joy out of that juice. Almost.

10. I didn’t know where all the decent spanish satsumas had got to this year. In our local supermarket they were not.  We happened upon a really random shop in the next town up that sold fruit, birthday cards, flowers, sweets, and groceries. It was a very incongruent looking display. But they were selling heavenly satsumas, 8 for £1, tahini, tiger nuts, of all exciting finds, and several other interesting finds. Hooray for random little shops!



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