Experimenting with veggie burgers

You know that joke that some people like to crack around vegetarians, about the inhumanity of slaughtering poor little mushrooms or plucking up defenceless carrots from mother earth? My Mum is vegetarian and I have heard my Dad make similar wisecracks many times over the years. For the purposes of this recipe I slaughtered some mushrooms, which in my opinion, is preferable to slaughtering a cow or a pig. While I eat meat ever-so once in a while, I have never really liked red meat, so veggie burgers and falafel were my fast food of choice over beefburgers and doner kebabs when I did the university fast food thing.

These veggie burgers were delicious, but did not hold together perfectly as well I as I would have liked, hence, no recipe yet, but here are  some tips for creating your own veggie burgers, should you feel inclined to do away with a plant or two.

  • It is much easier with a food processor, but with a chopping board, knife  and grater and perhaps a grinder for nuts or seeds, it is not too difficult.
  • Bases: Your choice of vegetables, ground nuts, ground seeds, beans or chickpeas.
  • Season With: sundried tomatoes or tomato concentrate, fresh or dried herbs, spices such as cumin, curry powder, chilli, lemon or lime juice, soy sauce, and a long etctera
  • Binders:
  1. Egg and breadcrumbs (pref wholewheat)
  2. Ground linseed (flaxseed) mixed with liquid acts as an egg replacer (1Tablespoon ground flax to 3 Tablespoons water or stock)
  3. Cooked chickpeas or beans work well as a binder
  4. Cooked bulghur wheat, couscous or even cooked wholewheat pasta. Hear the gluten comes into it’s own, because basically gluten is ….a glue!
  • Coat with: Wholewheat breadcrumbs seasoned, or a roughly ground mix of pumpkin seeds and spices.

I gently sauteed red onion, garlic and mushrooms with soy sauce and tomato paste, and a small amount of wholewheat couscous, added sweetcorn, grated carrot, and a few condiments (nutritional yeast and a pinch of curry powder) Once the mixture has cooled, it held together quite well, but I think I will experiment a bit more another day. Luckily I have a very acquiescent 2 year old guinea pig who eats everything!

For more details do a search online (of course)  I always find using the word “amazing” or “best” in the search box kicks up better recipes 🙂

And please, always remember, mushrooms have feelings too.




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