The Food Hospital

Alfredo and I love watching “The Food Hospital” on channel 4. It’s a clinic set up by a former GP, a consultant surgeon and an NHS dietician, and every single condition is treated purely by making dietary changes (very occasionally with supplements aswell) I am learning lots of interesting things from these knowledgeable people, and it confirms what I have believed for a long time about the power of a wholesome unprocessed diet to allow the body to heal so many many things.

Last night there was a lady with terrible hot flushes. Granted, it is not the most serious of conditions on the series, but some days she would have up to 30 and it was very bothersome. It is believed this has a lot to do with the drop off in oestrogen, and they gave her a diet rich in natural plant-oestrogens. Yes, there are naturally ocurring oestrogens in some plant foods, particularly in soy beans, and chickpeas.

So for 10 weeks she had this oestrogen rich diet, I don’t know what she ate from day to day, but they filmed her making a very large and wonderfully coloured vegetable stir-fry with marinated tofu. She was also instructed to drink less wine which can trigger them for some reason. She came back so excited; not only had her hot flushes all but disappeared but she also felt so much better in herself, with more energy and self confidence. (Interesting to note that she found it hard to stick to one glass of wine a day, and very often her hot flush would come after having one glass too many)

I once read a book called “The Phyto Factor” about this very topic of managing the menopause through plant foods. No reason. I was 30 at the time  🙂  I just love that kind of thing, tis all.

How wonderful.

If you are in the UK you can watch it on Tuesday evenings or on  4 on demand.

Alternatively wherever you are, you can share in the fun and make a little change in your diet today that your body will thank you for  🙂 



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