I’ve just eaten all the pies

Oh.My.Pies! I had an inkling that Alfredo would need an amazing sweet treat free from sugar, and OH was I right, and Oh, these pies are just so…..RIGHT.

I was unsure whether to post this, as I like to post things which people can try if they so wish, and these are done in a dehydrator (You will see why) and I know most people don’t have such an appliance. But post I must, if only to showcase how you can create different things free from white flour, sugar and butter that still taste A-MAZING. I generally never liked pies that much, like I said, it was mainly for my husband, but it turns out that I ate quite a few aswell……. I even had one for breakfast this morning with impunity.

For the precise recipe I will refer you to Russell James website, because it is his recipe, so, out of courtesy. And I will say, that at Westfalia website you can buy dehydrators for about £30 which are useful for many things (kale chips,  drying out your glut of garden produce for future use, drying out foraged edible mushrooms for future use and intensifying flavour, making your own dried mango/pineapple/any fruit, free from sulphates, beetroot chips (YUM!), fruit leathers for kids or hiking,  and so on and so on.)

The crust is made from a mixture of ground oats and ground cashew nuts, a little water, lemon juice, and a little honey or maple syrup. If you are wondering why it has cashew nuts in, it provides sweetness and the fat, without using butter. You simply blitz the “flours” with the liquid, and press the gooey mixture into seperate silicone cases using a floured finger to make a little case. Dehydrate, first in the silicone case, and once quite dry, flip them out upside down to dry the bottom for a short while longer.

The filling is made by blitzing dates and orange juice, with allspice, finely diced apple and raisins. Oh my word, it tasted so good, especially with freshly squeezed orange juice. Aaaaah the cloves, the cinnamon, and nutmeg!

It is topped with a cashew cream icing, made with unroasted cashews, lemon juice, liquid sweetener (honey or maple) a pinch of salt etc Below you will find Russell James photo (with permission) but actually, mine looked just as amazing. Seriously, they did. And oh my word! This was the best mince pie I have ever eaten, in my humble opinion.

Let there be pies

Whoever said eating plants is all about salads? Deck the halls with boughs of holly, quite frankly.

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  1. We bought a food dehydrater about a month and a half ago. I plan on using it a lot in the coming months, and especially next summer! Any tips or things that you find are especially good dried?


    • I don’t bother drying tomatoes, because garden ones just need to be eaten fresh, and you can buy sundried tomatoes without any artificial preservatives so easily and cheaply. I always buy fresh wild mushrooms (oyster/shiitake etc) when they are marked down and dry them out for later use. I made my own garlic and onion powder once though it seemed like a faff when it is so easy and affordable in the shop with no preservatives again. Dehydrated curly kale, marinaded with lemon juice, a touch of oil and salt or cayenne is soo delicious! You can get pretty fancy with the marinade (see my Dehydrated snacks section) using a creamy base, and curry spices, and it is soo delicious. Bell pepper dries well, and I have done that, and stored it. Any fruits, as a healthy sweet snack. (Pineapple is my childrens favourite) Again, you can buy these in the shops (though most have preservatives on to maintain the colour) It is fun to experiment, and a little webs searching will lead you to people who dry a lot of garden produce and know more about it than me. Thanks for your comment, oh learned kitchen queen!


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