Twelve downloadable gifts. Everybody loves late presents, right?

Just passing through briefly……enjoying plenty of family time.

Here is a late gift for anyone who is interested….not just one, but twelve free downloadable gifts, which are available for download until the 31st of December.

It may be just what you want or need to prepare you for a New year detox!

This delicious giveaway was organised by Karen Knowler, lover of raw foods, and each day there is a gift of a PDF ebook from different people who have trained under her. There are literally dozens of recipes and tips on how to incorporate more raw plant foods into your diet, from juices and smoothies for “detox”, to amazing chocolate recipes made from healthy fats, natural sugars and unprocessed cacao powder (alternatively use unsweetened cocoa powder) and tons of other stuff. It is the coolest ever giveaway and there are no strings attached at all.

 I, for one was inspired to dig out the juicer!

Only available for download until the 31st of December! Sign up on the page below, and you will be emailed access to all of the “doors” on the gift calendar, even though the event has finished. You can open each one, and save the ones that appeal to you to your PC.

Follow the link, and get ready to treat yourself to a rejuvenating new years flush-out!

Merry Christmas one and all!


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