On “Detox”

Lots of people start talking diet and detox in the New Year. I even used the term myself, I’ve just realised in a recent post. It’s hard to understand what people mean by “detox” as it is used in a variety of contexts that are radically different to each other, and some of them, just plain radical. I saw a guy on a programme who self administered enemas twice a day. I mean, that’s not healthy, that’s sick. Hello? That’s what you have peristalsis for!! And he wasn’t even eating a gram of stodge that would in any way inhibit a healthy digestion.

There is a serious phobia about toxins out there.And I do not believe it’s unfounded. Tap water, the air we breathe, the meat, the fish, the dairy products, the grains, fruit, vegetables are full of chemicals of all sorts. If you think the whole organic thing is a load of quackery, do a bit of digging about what goes into and onto your food. Even if you never ever eat factory food or sugary junk, the wholefoods we eat very often have residues, some more than others.

If this worries you, I would definitely say- do something. Grow some of your own produce. Buy as much organic produce as you are able. Buy a water filter (There are all sorts, some are quite affordable) Or perhaps- is there a natural spring near your house?  ( www.findaspring.com ) (I just realised I have one nearby!) Give your liver a chance. An overworked liver will release certain substances back into the blood such as ammonia, and lactic acid.  Alcohol, excess animal protein , stress, heavy over-eating, certain drugs, and a myriad of other “delights” may also contribute to an overworked liver.

Having said this, once you have done everything you can, chill out! (Stress is bad for the liver, remember? How ironic would that be?!)  Unless you are coming from an extremely sick place, or a place of long-term-high-quantity junk food embracing, there is no need to make extreme moves which feel like utter deprivation. Go for sustainable, enjoyable changes at a rate you are happy with. Consider whether you want this to be a lifestyle shift rather than a New years diet. In my opinion, the former is the only way, for long term health (and sustained weight loss).

There will be some sustainable “detox” ideas in the next post. When I say “sustainable”, I mean, ways to assist your body in flushing out bad stuff, without going all extreme and drinking wierd health-food shop concoctions of roots and barks that taste like …..roots and bark. We’re talking lifestyle shifts.

No enemas, promise.


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