After the Excess (part 2)

After excess (and all it’s consequences), if excess there has been,  some people tend to go to another extreme for a while, like eating only fruit for a day or two, or only fruit or vegetables, or even a fast of water and freshly made juices.

I’m not saying that’s bad if you feel that’s needed . It can really give your digestion a rest, and I can attest that it really helps “connect” you to how you feel on those foods. It particularly helps if you have over-eaten in terms of quantity and junk. (We’ve all been there, right? I know I have)  I am not trying to sound all new agey when I talk about connecting…it really is true. It feels so clean, so fresh, and so good, and you are able to see more clearly what difference you feel eating one way, and the other.

This is particularly heightened if you combine it with exercise in fresh air (which I find is far more powerful on a spiritual level than exercise in a noisy gym) The relative quiet and seeing the sky all around you is detoxing for your spirit, and helps you to think about your life and aspirations more clearly.

However, you do not necessarily need to do that. It does seem to give you a nice little jumpstart, but mainly, what will make a difference, are long term changes. Rather than “This January, I will go on a diet”… could think “This January, I will begin (or continue) my journey to lift my whole way of eating to a more healthy level, for the rest of  my life.”

I do not think I am any diet guru, but I will say it again and again- Eating clean does FAR more than just give your greater health and vitality. It completely awakens your inner self in a way that will totally blow you away (in my opinion) It fills you with gratitude and allows you to be more in tune with the Divine. I know everyone reading this does not believe in God as I do. But I have non-“religious”, highly spiritual friends who attest to this connection, “guidance from the universe”….Whatever you call it, ONE important way to accentuate your connection with these treasures is by caring for the body (and therefore spirit)  Call it foolishness, or try it. I can also attest to the contrary state. Enough said.

Here are some suggestions and ideas for “detox”. There are no pills here, and no concoctions except ones made by blending fruits 🙂  They are all different ones because people are at different places.

I am not preaching, just sharing, because today I am really feeling the love  🙂

  • Buy a juicer. Juice fresh fruits.
  • Juice fruits/vegetables together. More on this soon.
  • Buy a blender. Begin the day with a 100% fruit and water smoothie
  • For a more filling smoothie, use water, organic oats and 2 ripe bananas. Dates or honey to sweeten.
  • Blend fruits and mild green leaves for extra raw plant nutrition (Note: red fruits+green leaves =brown!)
  • “Raw till four”. Aim to eat only raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds until your evening meal.
  • Build your evening meal around wholegrains, or pulses or beans, whole foods vs processed ready meals.
  • Reduce or eliminate your meat consumption.
  • Reduce or eliminate your dairy consumption
  • Drink water.
  • Drink more water.
  • Plan ahead for vulnerable hungry moments. Get tupperware  🙂
  • Run, cycle or walk in the mornings.
  • Eat slowly. Pay attention, and stop when you are full.
  • Eat only when you are hungry.
  • Switch to herbal tea.
  • Look at your budget. What could you buy less of, to allow yourself to treat yourself to more berries or your favourite fruits?
  • Take up sprouting on your windowsill.Fresh micro-greens in January anyone?
  • Make your own wholegrain bread.
  • Top your (wholegrain toast) with banana, or nut butters, or hummous, or mashed avocado, or sliced tomatoes, or tahini and honey.
  • Absolutely believe that you can overcome habits for unhealthsome foods if you desire to.
  • Snack on blueberries.
  • Snack on apples.
  • Snack on unroasted almonds.
  • Snack on sugarsnap peas. (you get the idea……)
  • Get rid of white rice. Brown easy-cook rice and brown basmati is delicious and really is not “tough”, as some people fear.
  • One good tupperware = 1 tiny jar inside= perfect for a big raw lunchtime salad at work.
  • Build a more filling salad using denser veg like grated carrots/beets, avocado, and nut/seed sprinkles.
  • Build a more filling salad still with a wholegrain base (brown rice/quinoa/bulghur wheat) and loads of chopped raw veg, and a punchy vinaigrette.
  • Have some quiet time as often as your circumstances will allow. It may be in a random place, but try to have time to be still.
  • Begin reading about the healing powers of plants.
  • Begin reading about the health benefits of drinking water
  • Begin reading about the negative effects of sugar and sugarey drinks.
  • Begin reading about the negative effects of refined carbohydrates.
  • Begin reading about the negative effects of a diet high in animal proteins.
  • And so on.

Oh, and eat a couple of mangos tonight, with your DVD or book.

Wishing you a really happy weekend!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Sarah on January 10, 2012 at 11:22 pm

    Just snacked on a apple (instead of the tempting malted milk biscuits in the cupboard) and it was so lovely and clean to eat and feel in my mouth>. Just spent about an hour doing pregnancy yoga, hadn’t read your blog for a while. Love it, love you!


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