Freeze dried deliciousness

You know those heavenly freeze dried berries you find in some breakfast cereals? Well now they can be yours in abundance at a very reasonable price.  There is a UK company which sells all sorts of freeze dried fruit for £3.99 for 100grams. To give you an idea, an average “berry” cereal box contains 5-10 grams of this fruit.

You can avoid delivery charges by spending £24. Annoyingly, 6 bags cost £23.94 so you’d need to order 7 bags.  I realise this may sound a lot to spend on something that will not really fill you…but they are fantastic little sweet treats for children (or grown-ups), you can add them to home-made granola, sprinkle them on home-made healthy chocolates, or add them to your energising nut and seed trail mix! (You could also split the order with someone else if you don’t want six bags, or  pay £3.50 delivery)

As long as the bag is sealed or well-pegged, they keep the lovely crispy texture, and  have an extremely long shelf life. And when you consider that a small childs handful of these berries weighs 3-5 GRAMS, which is 10-20p, it looks more and more reasonable.  I cannot wait to put my miniscule jars of freeze dried berries in their lunch as a treat. They are going to love it!

Follow this link to buy your freeze dried berries


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by michael dockrill on January 11, 2012 at 8:33 pm

    Sounds good, Beth!
    when you consider what most Britons pay for Un-healthsome treats……..


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