The joys of green juice

Just a brief effusion. You know how I love green smoothies- a blended mixture of fresh fruit, water, and greens. (Start with milder leaves, and it will taste only fruity with a nice fresh undertone)  This year I have discovered the joys of green juice!

Feeling, one day,  no desire to eat, but also no desire to fast completely, I decided to dig out the juicer and experiment.

Suggestion: If you are not a vegetable lover- start with green smoothies. Having said that, you can make these sweeter, by adding apples etc  We have a TON of apples from Eden (aka Tesco Reduced table). I normally use celery and cucumber as a base (celery was clearly made for either dipping, or feeding into a juicer) Lemon or lime for acidity, some root ginger for warmth if desired, apples/pears for sweetness, and even some leaves for extra…well…green.

TIP: Most centrifugal juicers struggle with green leaves- you may get something out but not much- with an awful lot of waste. To bypass this, prepare yourself a juice base in the juicer (celery, cucumber, and whichever fruit you wish to add- lime, pineapple, apple) and then using a blender, BLEND the leaves into your wonderful green elixir! I know- it’s two things to wash up….but you’re worth it 🙂

SO refreshing, SO clean, and surprisingly good! Go forth and experiment with either your blender or juicer, and drink some deliciously packaged chlorophyll!


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  1. Posted by Becky on January 13, 2012 at 8:05 pm

    I love this Beth:)


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