Sunshine smoothie

A large and delicious taste of summer for under £1. I am a great fan of frozen fruit in my freezer-storecupboard, for affordability, and some even suggest they have more vitamins than fresh fruit that has been sitting around for a while. At my local supermarket (Tesco) they sell 500grams of frozen strawberries for £1.99 or 3 boxes for £5. This smoothie is a large one person portion (happy husband) and uses 100grams of frozen strawberries- 33pence.

Not trying to suggest that we are all pinching pennies, but just to point out there are many ways to eat more fruit and vegetables without spending the earth


  • 125 mls water
  • the juice of 1 lemon (15- 30pence, depending)
  • 100grams of frozen strawberries (in this case, 33pence)
  • 1 flavoursome apple (20-40pence, depending….)
  • 1 flavoursome clementine (10-20pence, depending)

My photo uploader has been malfunctioning for ages, hence no photo again.  For a more filling smoothie add a small banana and a touch more water. I would not omit the lemon here- it totally lifts it. Bon appetit friends!



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