Home-made vegetable Stock

We go through a fair amount of veggie peelings- carrot tops (adults) carrot peelings (pickier kids), onions tops and tails (don’t tell Ellie there is onion in almost everything I make) celery ends (just me folks), fat broccoli stalks (raw broccoli salad + my friend Melisa= perfect lunch-at-home date) kale stems, and all the other usual planty stuff. I stumbled across this idea somewhere online, and I thought I would share.

I loved it because we don’t have a composter in our smallish rented garden, and though the Council collects food waste, I am more than happy to find other ways to use my waste. (Celery ends, and broccoli stalks, by the way, can be used in a green juice, but it may be a little too green for some…..this idea is “green” too. All is well)

Simply start a “stock” bag in your freezer, and every time you top and tail vaggies, peel them, have something about to turn or whatever it is, throw it into your freezer bag. I have made home-made vegetable stock before, but mainly with leftovers that happened to be in the fridge. This way, you just store it all away until you have a nice big bagfull.

Then throw it all into a slow cooker overnight, with water- adding- for example:

  • 2 bayleaves
  • sea salt
  • peppercorns (optional)
  • a small glug of olive oil
  • a few garlic cloves
  • herbs of choice- such as thyme, for example
  • a small onion if you don’t have sufficient onion pieces in your bag.
  • other things to add for a deeper flavour if wished: miso, some Marmite, etc


In the morning strain it……..and throw the veggie pieces into your food waste. Okay, okay………I know what you’re going to say…but you got some stock out of it, right?! (Obviously cooked waste is no good for a garden composter. My council composts under controlled conditions so that cooked and raw can be broken down together without bacteria developing.)


My freezer bag is almost full, and while I should have probably tried it before posting, I cannot see how it can go too wrong. It is after all, vegetable water.

Happy Thursday. I have a children’s party to prepare for my smiling, dancing, jiggly salad-loving sidekick Ellie. 5 on Sunday!



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