Did that merit an exclamation mark? I think not. I have been known to over-use them, and often have to delete one or two (or more) as I re-read blog posts or emails. The exclamation mark implies that I am exuberant or even surprised by this particular success- whereas in fact 1)it’s not the most exciting thing I have ever made to be sure (some might not find any of what I make exciting 🙂 )  and 2) It is really impossible to do it wrong.

I’m talking about vegetable stock. Now you see why the exclamation mark is surplus to requirements.

Just a wee update to the post about making your own vegetable stock here by storing up your tops, tails and peelings in the freezer until you have enough to make a nice crock-pot full of stock.

Much as I love vegetables, when I saw the carrot peelings, onion tops and tails, broccoli stalks, vegetable juice pulp, celery ends etc etc floating in cold water (filtered, at least!) I felt a bit dubious. I threw in some sea salt, and 2 bayleaves, and cranked up the slowcooker.

After a few hours cooking, and straining (a regular sieve would be fine), I had a beautiful dark coloured savoury tasting stock. It was very delicious. It’s confirmed. I even drank some (it’s freezing here! Exclamation mark worthy temperatures)

So now I’m wondering why I used bouillon powder for the vegetable/red lentil soup I made this morning……………..I guess I’ll need to make some more soup. (I suppressed an exclamation mark there, for example)  I am definitely going to do this from now on, at least until I have a garden with a compost bin. It’s almost zero effort, and there are a lot of water soluble vitamins in that stock.

That’s all for now. Wishing you joy in your journeys today, and some exuberance worthy of an exclamation mark  🙂


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