Raw till four

I guess if you read this it is because you either love me, love healthy plant-based eating or both of the above?

If you read this, then you know how much I love raw foods- fruit- whether it be whole, blended, juiced, frozen, or  even dried, an abundance of crunch, daily salads, delicious home-made dressings that are as healthy as the salad, and other such delights.

I also love using wholegrains and pulses among other things, but I totally maintain there is a magic kind of life-force in eating an abundance of uncooked plants that has to be tried to be felt.

So here’s a notion.

“Raw till four”.

Eat nothing but raw fruits, raw vegetables, and some nuts/seeds/dried fruit until your evening meal.  During this time, you could choose to drink water and herbal teas or frsh juices etc over soft drinks and coffee.

Say to yourself “It’s just till four”, and then make a decadent smoothie (if you are at work/uni, you would have to go prepared)

I know people that do this, and honestly- it is not as hard as it sounds.

Some people do it once a week (say, Mondays, or any day that suits) some try for a few days a week. Some, every darned blessed day!

Changes to our physical well being come about step by step. This could be a step.

Just to remind you of everything you could eat during this raw-till-four day: This is just a snapshot…………


Strawberries, raspberries, lime, apples, bananas, clementines, oranges, grapefruits, cherries, grapes, kiwi, blueberries, pineapple, pears, melon, lemon, watermelon, fresh figs, passion fruit,  mango, papaya…


Avocados, tomatos,  sugarsnap peas, cucumber,bell peppers,courgette,mangetout, corn on the cob,peas…


carrots,broccoli, cauliflower,beetroot,white cabbage,purple cabbage,celery,asparagus,fennel,spring/red onion, garlic…


babyleaf spinach, collard greens, rocket, romaine, watercress, kale, lambs lettuce,little gem lettuce,beet greens….

NUTS (unroasted)

peanuts,cashews,almonds,hazelnuts,brazil nuts,walnuts,pecans, tiger nuts….

SEEDS (unroasted)

pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds,sesame seeds,poppy seeds,golden linseeds…..


raisins, dates,prunes, dried figs, dried cherries, goji berries, unsweetened dessicated coconut unsweetened cranberries,dried mango……

Plus Herbs, spices, extra virgin olive oil, condiments like miso/tahini/vinegars and anything that will help you fall in love with your salad more.                                                                                                  Except maybe not Hidden Vally Ranch?

How to eat it:

  • Blended fruits (and mild greens if you wish) in a smoothie
  • Fruits and vegetables JUICED
  • Salads: As many raw leaves and veggiesas you fancy  (chopped or grated) in a bowl plus:
  • Processed white nuts or seeds with herbs and spices for creamy dressings(almonds,cashews,sunflower seeds)
  • Olive oil and balsamic for a simple dressing
  • Blended avocado and orange for a luscious dressing
  • a squeeze of lime and a pinch of salt for a fat free “dressing”
  • tahini honey, ginger and tamari (wheat free soy sauce) for an oriental dressing
  • Sprinkle seeds and raisins on top if you wish
  • Smushed up avocado, well seasoned, and use as a dip for your carrot/pepper sticks
  • Frozen fruit, blitzed into a “slushie” (by the way – Frozen banana is extremely creamy when processed)
  • Or just plain eat fruit and raw veg all day.Nature’s fast food.Check out that fruit list! Just amazing.

Suggested with love 🙂


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