Cruciferous Food Rush

A raw broccoli salad revolution has been started in Chester. My dear friend Melisa is behind it;  she takes it to work a few times a week, and now she has half her office making it too!  While reflecting on my good friend (the broccoli salad, I mean)  I re-read the original post of my raw broccoli salad.

Erm……what on earth was I on? It is SO LONG and I go on about the enzyme myrosinase for…well…quite a while.

Okay, so….Briefly 🙂

Myrosinase is amazing. Plant-life and their power to heal and strengthen us blows me away and  I am so grateful for these things (anyone who knows me, knows I mean that)

But let’s just get to the point here.

You have got make this bad boy, because it is RIDICULOUSLY good.

It is a food rush in a bowl. That’s what it is.

Melisa says she eats it in the cupboard at work, and she may even be serious.


  1. Follow this link to the recipe
  2. Forgive the long-winded post
  3. Get some unroasted cashhews in soak, and
  4. Make some. You will not be sorry.

Raw Broccoli salad- Follow this link to wow your friends at the office  and treat yourself to a raw cruciferous food rush.

(And some myrosinase).


4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Melisa on February 21, 2012 at 12:28 pm

    I do eat it in the cupboard at work! I just can’t leave it alone, so I keep having another helping of it! The Queen of Green is an outrageously pickable scab of a Salad!


  2. Posted by sarah on April 7, 2012 at 9:46 pm

    Made this today for an Easter get together. Delicious. Just an FYI to others, if you don’t have cashews or haven’t had time to soak them, I’ve made this salad with regular almonds thrown in the blender with the same ingredients but a bit less water. It wasn’t as creamy but the flavor worked so even if you forget to plan ahead, you can still enjoy this salad. It is great. I love that it’s so much lighter, and of course so much healthier, than the mayo version.


    • Great! Thanks Sarah! Technically, cashews are softer than almonds and you COULD do it without soaking, I guess soaking them just makes it easier on the blender. Glad you loved it- its a favourite 🙂


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