Loving Leaves Loves Lisa Simpson!!

First, a story. I’ll keep it brief. (Not always my forte) A very good friend of mine (my husband!) is giving up wheat, yeast, sugar, honey, and dairy for a time. That’s no small task. He once had an intolerance test that screamed a big fat NO to all of these, and while he gave them up for a time to see if it helped his symptoms, it was very hard to sustain.

So, he has decided to have another crack at it. You know…for Lent  🙂 Anyone can do 40 days, right?

I am accompanying him on the journey, it’s all about solidarity.

It will be a bit difficult for me too: While I very rarely have sugar, I love my honey-sweetened chocolates on occasion; I don’t have much pasta nowadays but once in a while I enjoy it (wholewheat) ditto couscous/bulgur wheat. I stopped eating white bread a long time ago, and I don’t have wholewheat bread as much as I did (sometimes not for days at a time) because I suspect it is not my best friend anymore …but I do enjoy it sometimes, and I will probably find it hard not to have it “ever”…… of course wheat AND yeast rules out regular “breads” even gluten-free.   (Have you ever tried those yeast-free rye breads?  I did, once. Never again.)

I wrote for ideas to my lovely, talented friend Lisa Simpson. I initially met Lisa through our love for  raw plant foods, but now she is my friend because she is an amazing, spiritual, compassionate, inspirational person. 

Lisa , outside of her other profession, and family life, is a “raw vegan” chef/caterer;  she does the catering for detox retreats both at  idetox Holidays in Sussex and also some women’s retreats in a gorgeous country mansion in Yorkshire run by life-coach Clare Maguire both of which encourage people to love themselves better, and introduce more raw plant food into their diets. Lisa also does bespoke events, classes, coaching, and has a mail order service  of her home-made treats and dehydrated snacks.

Here is the link to her website/shop: “Raw Liberty” where you can buy guilt-free gorgeous chocolate, amazing kale chips (Lisa brought kale chips’ existance to my attention, oh blessed day!) and some other yummies. The carrot and onion flat”bread” is so good!  

So I asked Lisa for some inspiration for some wheat free/yeast free  recipes and of course she sent me a sample of her delicious pizza-style “flatbreads” , because that is the kind of thing she does. When I barely knew her, she sent me chocolate. As in, gorgeous, nurturing, healthsome chocolate. Like, just because. I knew we were meant to be friends after that  🙂

You will be quite astounded what can be done with raw fruit, veggies, nuts, seeds, condiments, creativity and love. Check out some of the “Evoke Your senses” raw food photos on the retreat website, here.

What is my point? Only to say……this Lent will be a time of much creating, to help Alfredo through his cravings Gethsemane, as part of his experiment.

Creating, and serving always bring me a great deal of joy. Lisa has commented the same to me. 

Laws of the universe are like that….at times, different applications, but universal results  🙂

Here’s to a joyful Lent, and three cheers for inspirational friends!


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