On green juice and kapotasana










Sometimes I get yoga emails from a guy named Lucas Rockwood. He has a cool story- started as a sweaty overweight guy who could not get his hands past his knees and who lived off Red Bull, meat, pizza and the like…..and ended up as a very slim, uber-bendy bloke, who eats only plants and drinks lots of green juice, and loves it. He now lives in Thailand making a pretty packet with his yoga courses.

I like his emails because they are short and to the point, he doesn’t talk about chi and chakras, and he signs off , not with the traditional “Namaste”, but  “Stay Bendy” 🙂 

He often says things like “Coffee, meat and white carbs make you stiff” and “eating lots of greens helps your flexibility”, though never really offers much more in terms of “evidence”; just the thousands (literally) of people he has met and taught. But no “official studies” or anything….

So one day after Christmas, my body did not feel good. I had not loved it as I know how to  🙂  Tesco had loads of celery,cucumber and greens on the Reduced Shelf (It was not yet Jan 1st, so people hadn’t started dieting yet 😉 )  and I decided to just drink green juice for a day to give my poor digestion a break.

(I hasten to add, I do like drinking this, and I see no point in subjecting yourself to something you loathe just for the sake of “detox”, but there are a million ways to clean up your insides, like sweet, delicious fruit and water. More ideas in this post)

After one day of green juice, I was feeling better and pain-free and in the evening I decided to do some cheeky backbending. It had been 3 or 4 days since I had done any and I expected to be very stiff, so planned to take it slowly. Imagine my surprise when I was able to get further back than I ever have, with far more ease than I had ever experienced. (Yes, that merits an underlining, it does!)

I love personal anecdotal evidence  🙂 

P.S. No, obviously the girl in the photo is not me. But I can do that posture. It’s called Kapotasana- “Camel”. I nailed it in quite a short time, and I attribute it to  just 10 short minutes back stretching a day, and lots of clean food and water. That’s just my opinion  🙂

Namaste: The divine in me salutes, and reverences, the divine in you.

Namaste  🙂 








5 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by michael dockrill on February 24, 2012 at 5:20 pm

    stay bendy, beth

    love, your pa xxx


  2. Oh Beth I just Love your web site. Even though I don’t always try your concoctions they certainly inspire me to eat healthier. Love ya! April


    • Thanks April! What a lovely comment. I cringe that this may come across as a “look what I eat” blog; in some ways it is, I guess, when I share recipes, but I really want it to be a channel to inspire people to love themselves better, in whatever way that might be for them. Lots of love!


  3. Posted by Sam on March 4, 2012 at 10:45 am

    You are quite an inspiration. Although don’t know if I could just drink green juice for a day. Would be scared I’d end up like that Auntie from Grandpa in my pocket!!! But without you I’d never had discovered raw brocolli salad with cashew nut sauce which is delicious and since knowing you I do do some yoga at home rather than only in a class. So here’s one person who’s loving themselves better thanks to you. Take care honey.lots of love Sam xxx


  4. Thanks Sam- funnily enough my girls used to call green smoothies “green gloop”. Doubt I could ever EVER blend sprouts into a drink though……..


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