Five things

1. In our honey/syrup free Lent, date paste is our new best friend. Date paste is not the most attractive of  friends, but that is not what friendship is all about, after all. (Come to think of it, neither is friendship about blatant usage of another for your own enjoyment…but there…) I am delighted to annouce that I have now made chcolate using date paste (cacao butter- see this post for details, cocoa, and date paste) It is not as sweet- obviously, and I had to add more date sweetener, but WOW, it is still good, especially with Whole Earth peanut butter (sugar free, sweetened with….you’ve guessed it!) I mainly did for this for Alfredo but was more than happy to indulge alongside him. Amelia still loves the honey ones. Ellie still won’t touch either, but is happy enough without it. Isaac sums it up deliciously:- “oh YAY, Mum! Clock-Clock!”

2.For those who live in the UK, Aldi’s “Super 6” this week is fruit: Pineapples, pear bags, plums, lemons, apples and kiwi trays (8) for 69p. Blueberries for 89p (125grams)

3.Spring is here! ~I have seen the first daffodils- just in time for St David’s Day. Time to think about planting soon……

4. Dessicated coconut on fruit salad is delicious.

5. For carb-loving wheat-avoiders, potato, very thinly sliced on a mandoline cutter is an alternative to pasta;  Tuna “lasagne” tonight, honey. With date paste for dessert.

That’s all folks.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Rebeca Misiego on February 28, 2012 at 4:28 pm

    Hey Beth, this is Rebeca Misiego. Acabo de comenzar a leer tu blog y me encanta. Desde hace como dos años me he interesado cada vez más por los temas de nutrición y cuidar nuestro cuerpo que es donde habita nuestro espíritu y nuestra alma. He comenzado a hacer cambios en mi vida bastante significativos pero todavía me queda mucho por aprender. Estoy asistiendo a un seminario de cuatro días sobre nutrición y todo lo que he escuchado hasta ahora se relaciona muchísimo con lo que escribes. Gracias por tu blog, tienes unas ideas y consejos muy prácticos e interesantes. Te importaría si te hago algunas preguntas cuando tenga dudas?, ya que tú tienes mucha más experiencia en cuanto al tema.
    Gracias un abrazo para ti, un saludo a Alfredo y a tus tres tesoros que están preciosos.


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