Date sweetened Granola- mmmmmm!

I very much doubt I could live without oats. Such a wonder-grain. I love them. Creamy, versatile, and packed full of fibre: insoluble fibre to speed up the old “transit time” (you with me?), soluble, to mop up any harmful cholesterols it happens upon, and to help maintain good blood sugar levels.

We have made granola for ages at home by simply warming up honey and some sunflower oil (not too much, mind), mixing in oats, and toasting it in the oven (watching it carefully, as honey burns easily) This is as simple as it gets, and you can add in nuts, seeds, and dried fruit each time you eat it. This version is far less sweet, for our dates-only Lent 🙂  It is however,I find, sweet enough when eaten with raisins etc and a chopped sweet banana.

*(Every self-respecting person who wishes to get their “cream” from non-factory plant sources should have some of this marvel in the fridge. It is simply unroasted cashews, soaked until soft, and liquidised with water at a ratio of 1:1  (or slightly less water)- until silky-smooth. For more details read this post) The cashew cream adds a certain kind of richness and makes it taste kind of creamy-caramelly.

I mix all the ingredients well and then finish it in my food dehydrator because I can forgot about it and it doesn’t burn.

Don’t curse me for using less conventional methods (it’s in my blood now) and furthermore, I cannot comment on oven- cooking times.

In short, not a very informative post, then.

But there are plenty of alternative healthy granola recipes out there (and by “out there”, I mean, on here– the internet)  They really are not difficult, and you can make some amazing gourmet granolas, for a fraction of the cost, and completely control the amount and type of sweetener that you use.

I have my granola with chopped banana and almond milk and it is fantastic! It would also be lovely sprinkled over fruit salad with some “live” yoghurt.

Made a little sweeter using apples, dates, cinnamon, and honey, and some nuts/seeds/and dried fruit, it would make a fantastic crunchy snack to nibble on, guilt-free.

I miss honey  😦   But date sweetened treats are growing on me. I think if I had tried this no sugar-no-honey-no-wheat-no-yeast Lent thing a few years ago I would have died (or someone else may have!) But I have grown into new habits slo-o-o-ooowly. . For some people, dietary changes may be a radical overnight thing. For me, slow changes have worked best.

Our granola stash, ready bagged in portions.









Have a great weekend!



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