Beige and Green 101

There are Beige Foods, and then there are Green Foods.

Here is one example of beige food:

Be warned: Beige food is not always beige-coloured.

Sometimes it is subtly arranged atop Green Food- it is still Beige.

Sometimes it is even green-coloured.

But the fact that it is green-coloured certainly doesn’t make it Green Food.

Here is an example of Green Food:

Be aware- Green food is not necessarily green-coloured.

In fact, it comes in many different colours.

Sometimes, Green Foods are even beige-coloured.

But they are never Beige.

Not all Green Food need be eaten raw (indeed not all of it can be) but most plants fulfil the optimum measure of their Green Essence when eaten raw, and generally, the closer to it’s original state, the better. Some Green Foods can be sprouted and reach a higher degree of Glorious Greenness, because you eat them while living- still growing and progressing.

Sometimes Green Foods come in surprising colours.

But always natural. That is what makes them Green.

You see, Beige Food and Green Food are classified by their essence, not their colour.

“Beige” is not so much a description of it’s colour (though oft-times they are identified by their non-distinct white to yellowish hue) as it’s distinct lack of life-force. I don’t mean the energy in a caloric sense, as they normally have plenty of calories (especially the fried ones, and the sugary-bready ones) but I do refer to energy on a more….let’s see…vibrational level.  In fact technically, Beige Food should be called, to use Michael Pollan’s words, Beige Edible Food-like Substances.

Green food is called thus because it comes forth from the earth, and it symbolisesthe life-force and energy to be found therein.While some green food is high-water, low-calorie food, ALL GREEN FOOD IS EQUALLY HIGH IN LIFE-FORCE!

Our inner self, or spirit, and body can reside in greater harmony when we feed our body food from the earth, close to it’s natural state (I am not referring to a steak so rare it’s almost lowing, by the way!) While this certainly isn’t the only eternal law that controls our spiritual well-being, it does play a unique and special part. You won’t find necessarily find this taught in any healthy eating manuals, though you may find some oblique references if you look hard-most experts agree that a diet based predominantly around dead beige food can contribute to “brain fog”, lack of concentration, mood swings, anxiety, and even low self esteem.(I stress– I do not insinuate that these issues are not complex and there are multiple factors- but do not rule this one out!!)  For the body, a diet based around Beige Edible Food-like Substances can lead to skin complaints, inflammatory conditions, weight gain, higher risk for diabetes, heart disease, cancers and an extremely long etcetera.

In contrast , as well as greater health and physical vitality, a diet based around Green food will contribute to greater clarity, better concentration, and an inexplicable feeling of greater well-being within your present reality. A good friend of mine described an experience she had: after her Christmas Beige Hedonism, she decided to embrace only Green Food for a few weeks. She wrote me saying “Something amazing is happening inside me! It’s like I am getting a crystal clear vision of my true self and I LOVE it!”

A final thought- if you wish to move from more Beige to more Green, remember:

A mouthful of green food will- in that moment- do you good- on a micro level.

A mouthful of beige food will- in that moment- do you harm- on a micro level.


It is not about obsessing over everything we put in our mouth, and accompanying guilt, but about the journey: the direction you want to head in, and steps towards it, at a rate you can handle.

Our macro-results will be a result of what we base our daily food choices around over time. They will be a result of what we have loved the most,

what we have sought to eat most of the time, albeit not all of the time.

If you are trying to feed yourself better, and you have a binge, be kind to yourself.

Move on.

You are always one healthy mouthful away from Green Foods 🙂

That is why this is a journey, that requires the experiencing of both, introspection, patience, perspective, experimentation, mistakes, analysis, lessons, and fun.

If you think I am seeing this too wide- forgive. I love to see the big picture and I see lessons for the spiritual within the realm of the temporal wherever I look.

This clarity is another blessed result of seeking after Greenness. And believe me, I have dabbled, nay- swum, in Beige on occasion. And still do dabble sometimes.

But Mother Nature is kind, and knows what we inwardly seek   🙂


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Becky on March 10, 2012 at 10:36 am

    Love it! Very different style of post – very enjoyable. Love the experiential nature of these things and seeing the results of small changes. Is it wrong that those onion rings look delicious?


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