Unsolicited advice

In the last few days I have received some unsolicited advice. Though this is not always the case, in mine, and on this occasion, it was gratefully received. Here are 7 pieces of unsolicited advice for all those who are on a journey to love leaves, eat less Beige, eat more Green, eat more plants, eat more raw, or whatever the case may be.

1. I went to my friend’s house last night, only to find her polishing off a bowl of Raw Broccoli Salad, which seems to be becoming famous in this humble neck of the woods. She said they had been enjoying it all week. I strongly advise you to try this salad out: Raw Broccoli Salad

2. Go for NINE a day instead of FIVE. Five is a stepping stone if you eat very little, or no fruit and veg. Most Cancer and health institutes have said that nine is far more likely to be protective, (though five is – of course- way better than none) If you shoot for nine, you are far more likely to eat at least five. Our bodies run best on mainly unprocessed/minimally processed plant foods. Of that, I am certain.

3.A daily GREEN SMOOTHIE or a daily large-and-varied SALAD is an easy way to move towards nine.

4. Spring is, in many ways, a far more inviting time to set resolutions than January. New life is springing forth, the days are lengthening, the temperatures are rising, and our hearts are lifted by all of the above. Riding on the wave of rejoicing, set some new goals for healthier eating- (or resurrect the ones you have already abandoned since January) whatever that may be for you at this time.

5.Plant something. It is time! (Not out-doors yet though) At the rate I am going, the only thing I will plant, is good ideas in others minds. These are alright too 🙂 (though you cannot eat them in a salad)

6.Take fifteen minutes in the kitchen the night before to help you eat better the next day when things get busier. Just fifteen. You will be amazed what you can get done. It may be getting some frozen fruit out or pre-chopping some fruit for a smoothie, (mango and pineapple for example, do not go brown) preparing a tupperware of fresh veggies or fresh fruit for work snacks, putting some nuts into soak for a walnut pate, chopping some greens for a lunch salad, cooking some wholegrains for a grain salad, whipping up a nut butter, leaving some lentils in soak, changing the water on your windowsill sprouts, etc etc

7. Look at this Romanesco Broccoli. I know of no other vegetable which is more inspiring to contemplate.




That makes seven. You’re welcome.


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Anna on March 14, 2012 at 2:53 pm

    haha,I love number 7!


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